Flat utility rates

Rates are set each year by City Council.

Water and sewer annual flat rates

Property type Water rate Sewer rate
Single family dwelling $568.00 $314.00
Single family dwelling with laneway house $771.00 $424.00
Single family dwelling with suite $771.00 $424.00
Single family dwelling with suite and laneway house $973.00 $535.00
Strata duplex (per dwelling unit) $385.00 $213.00
Vacant lot without water service N/A $179.00

Annual fireline rates

Pipe size (in mm) Rate
50 mm $214.00
75 mm $320.00
100 mm $442.00
150 mm $510.00
200 mm $598.00
250 mm $635.00
300 mm $680.00

Other fees

Charge Fee
Special reading fee $102.00
Returned cheque fee $35.00
Meter testing fee $112.00

Cross connection fees

Type of cross connection Fee
First assembly $27.00
Additional assembly $13.00

Recycling collection annual rates

Charge  Rate
Per recycling truck stop  $5.00
Per dwelling unit  $13.00

Examples of how to calculate the annual rate

Home(s) on property Container(s) used Rate calculation Total annual rate
Single unit house Blue box  (1 stop × $5.00)
+ (1 unit × $13.00)
2-unit house Blue box  (1 stop × $5.00)
+ (2 units × $13.00)
6-unit townhouse Blue box  (6 stops × $5.00)
+ (6 units × $13.00)
50-unit apartment,
1 building
Shared carts  (1 stop × $5.00)
+ (50 units × $13.00)
150-unit complex,
3 buildings  
Shared carts  (3 stops × $5.00)
+ (150 units × $13.00)

Rollout fees

If the recycling carts at your multi-family building need to be wheeled over 50 m by the collection crew to the truck, your recycling collection annual rate may include an additional rollout fee.

For more information, email the Multi-family Recycling Coordinator at recycle@vancouver.ca.

Garbage bin collection annual rates

Bin size Annual rate
75 L $75.00
120 L $87.00
180 L $103.00
240 L $119.00
360 L $151.00

Annual rates for weekly pickup at multi-unit residential and commercial buildings

The City collects garbage weekly from a limited number of multi-unit residential and commercial buildings.

 Note: Weekly garbage pickup is not available to properties on biweekly service.

Minimum annual rates for residential properties

The City provides a minimum size and quantity of garbage bins to residential properties based on the number of dwelling units. The annual rate we charge is based on the minimum size and quantity of bins.

Rates for biweekly collection

Rates for weekly pickup

Green Bin collection annual rates

Bin size Annual rate
120 L $104.00
180 L $122.00
240 L $140.00
360 L $176.00

Learn more about flat rate utilities and water quality

Flat rate utilities on Property Tax notice

If you live in a single family home or a strata duplex, you are billed for utilities on your July Property Tax notice. Find an explanation of your Property Tax notice that shows where your utility charges are.

Water quality and pressure

Find out how the City and Metro protect drinking water quality, and how the City controls water pressure.

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