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Claim your home owner grant

2018 property tax due dates

Advance taxes: Friday, February 2

Main taxes: Wednesday, July 4

Home owner grant: Wednesday, July 4

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Are you eligible for a home owner grant?

There are two types of home owner grants – the basic grant and the senior/ additional grant. You may only claim one type of home owner grant. See if you are eligible

You must claim your home owner grant for the current year, even if you successfully claimed it in the prior year.

You can give permission to someone to claim your grant.

Claim your grant:

  • Online (fastest and easiest – we receive the claim immediately and review it before it is approved or denied)
  • By mail or in person

Claim your grant online

What you need to claim your grant online

To claim your electronic home owner grant online, you need your:

  • Folio number
  • Access code

If your grant claim requires additional documents, you can submit them electronically with your grant application. We accept PDF, JPG, JPEG, and BMP document file formats.

Where to find or get your access code and folio number

Submit your grant by mail, fax, or in person

If you are submitting your grant late, it is best to submit it before the end of the year to avoid any interest charges.

 Most banks no longer accept home owner grants. If you pay your taxes in person at your bank, you must submit your grant to us separately.

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2017 home owner grant threshold increased to $1.6 million

In 2017 the home owner grant threshold of assessed or partitioned value is $1.6 million (from $1.2 million in 2016). The grant is reduced by $5.00 for each $1,000.00 above the threshold.

  • The basic grant is eliminated when the assessed or partitioned value reaches $1.714 million
  • The additional grant is eliminated when the assessed or partitioned value reaches $1.769 million

 If you qualify for the seniors or other additional grant, but the grant amount has been reduced or eliminated due to the $1.6 million threshold, you may still be eligible for the low income grant supplement .

If you have concerns about the threshold change, please contact the Province of BC's Home Owner Grant Administration Branch: