Co-op housing home owner grants

Property taxes for co-ops are based on their tax rate and your unit share of the co-op itself.

If you own a share in a co-op, you may be eligible to claim a Home Owner Grant to reduce the property taxes you pay.

2017 tax due dates

Advance taxes: Thursday, February 2

Main taxes: Wednesday, July 5

Home owner grant: Wednesday, July 5

How to apply for a home owner grant

Co-op owners, together, need to:

  1. Complete a form called Form A to claim their home owner grants and calculate each owner's share of property tax. Form A includes a Certificate of Eligible Occupants and an Owner’s Certificate.
  2. Send their jointly-completed Form A, along with their individual property tax payments, to us by the tax due date to avoid any penalties.

Instructions to complete Form A Completing form A PDF (180 KB)

Download Form A

2017 home owner grant threshold increased to $1.6 million

In 2017 the home owner grant threshold of assessed or partitioned value is $1.6 million (from $1.2 million in 2016). The grant is reduced by $5.00 for each $1,000.00 above the threshold.

  • The basic grant is eliminated when the assessed or partitioned value reaches $1.714 million
  • The additional grant is eliminated when the assessed or partitioned value reaches $1.769 million

 If you qualify for the seniors or other additional grant, but the grant amount has been reduced or eliminated due to the $1.6 million threshold, you may still be eligible for the low income grant supplement .

If you have concerns about the threshold change, please contact the Province of BC's Home Owner Grant Administration Branch: