Apply to be a Green Streets volunteer

Apply to care for a garden on a traffic circle or corner bulge with the City of Vancouver's Green Streets program.

1. Understand your responsibility

By applying, you agree to:

  • Weed and water the garden
  • Care year-round for the garden
  • Take extreme caution and be visible to traffic while gardening in or near the street
  • Follow the gardening guidelines and ensure your garden does not obscure the sightlines of vehicles, cyclists, or pedestrians.

Read the gardening guidelines for boulevards and corner bulges

2. Read our disclaimer

Summary of the disclaimer in plain English

(This summary is not the legal disclaimer.)

You acknowledge that the City of Vancouver is not responsible for any loss, damage, or injury that you may have as a result of caring for the garden.

As a Green Streets volunteer, you release the City of Vancouver, its officers, servants and agents from and agree to indemnify and save harmless the City, its officers, servants and agents from all liability relating to or arising from the use and occupation of the property or any breach, violation, non-performance or non-observance by the garden sponsor of any condition, covenant, term or proviso set out herewith.

3. Fill in the application form


Contact Green Streets

Green Streets Program
Street Activities
Engineering Services
320-507 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC  V5Z 0B4


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Garden safely

Garden safely on City streets

Safe gardening on streets

Gardens on City streets are close to vehicle traffic. You can keep yourself safe while gardening if you remember these tips.

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