Protecting Vancouver's heritage

vancouver heritage

City Council recognizes the tremendous value in Vancouver's historically and culturally significant buildings, monuments, and other sites.

Because of this, Council oversees a comprehensive heritage management program to protect, restore, and rehabilitate as many sites as possible. 

The City's heritage management program  has three main components:

Heritage management plan

Under the Vancouver Charter, Council has the power to protect our valuable heritage sites from demolition or unsympathetic alterations.

They can also set up arrangements with property owners that encourage them to restore or rehabilitate their heritage properties.

Heritage register

The Vancouver Heritage Register is the cornerstone of the City's heritage program. It provides a complete inventory of sites in Vancouver that have historical, cultural, aesthetic, scientific, or educational worth.

Public education efforts

Initiatives such as the heritage plaque program and heritage awards help increase the visibility of the city's significant historical sites, and increases public awareness of our built heritage and history.

Celebrating heritage

Heritage awards

The Heritage Awards acknowledge the special accomplishments, projects, and efforts which have furthered the goal of heritage conservation in Vancouver.

Finding heritage

Find a registered heritage building, site, or tree

Download the Vancouver Heritage Register to find over 2,150 registered heritage buildings, parks, trees, and monuments.

Strengthening heritage conservation

Heritage Action Plan

The Heritage Action Plan is a review of the policies and tools used to conserve and celebrate heritage resources. It was approved by Council in December 2013 to improve how the City supports heritage conservation in Vancouver.

Protecting heritage

How we protect heritage properties

The City has a range of incentives and protective measures that encourage the restoration and continued use of heritage buildings.

Interested in your home's history?

Discover your home's history

Ever wondered when your home was built or who lived there before you? Home history research is one of the fastest growing research trends at the City of Vancouver Archives in recent years. Find out more.

Vancouver Heritage Foundation

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