How we protect heritage properties

The City offers a number of incentives that encourage the restoration and continued use of heritage buildings, including:

  • Zoning bylaw, subdivision bylaw, and parking bylaw relaxations
  • Density bonuses and transfers
  • Permit fast-tracking

Council also uses a number of protective measures — including heritage designation, heritage revitalization agreements, and heritage conservation areas — to save and restore valuable sites for future generations.

Preserving Vancouver's history for future generations

Heritage Action Plan

The Heritage Action Plan is a review of the policies and tools used to conserve and celebrate heritage resources. It was approved by Council in December 2013 to improve how the City supports heritage conservation in Vancouver.

Heritage designation

To protect a heritage building or landscape from unsympathetic alteration and loss of character or value, the City can give a site protected designation under the Vancouver Charter.

Density incentives for developers

The City has developed a transferable density program that grants additional density to developers who agree to rehabilitate and legally protect any heritage buildings on their development sites.

Heritage revitalization agreements

A Heritage Revitalization Agreement is a legally binding agreement negotiated by the City and an owner of a heritage property, and is intended to restore, preserve, and protect the property in return for development incentives.

Vancouver's heritage areas

We have created regulations and companion design guidelines that preserve and protect the historic fabric of Chinatown, Gastown, Shaughnessy, and Yaletown, ensuring that new development is compatible with the areas' character.

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Vancouver Heritage Register

Vancouver Heritage Register

Vancouver has 2,150 registered heritage buildings, 131 parks and trees, and additional monuments and archaeological sites.

You can find them all on the Vancouver Heritage Register.

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