Local improvement charges

When property owners receive improvements to their street or neighbourhood, the cost of those improvements may be shared between the adjacent owners and the City.

You will be billed for your share of the cost of the improvement in the year following construction. Your notice of local improvement charge will be sent within the first two weeks of March.  

Your bill has two payment options

1. Pay for the local improvement in one lump sum.

If you pay in one lump sum, you can pay it:

  • By mail (or by dropping off) a cheque, made payable to City of Vancouver. It is helpful if you include your folio number on the cheque (the folio number can be found on the front of your tax bill)
  • By cash, in person at City Hall
  • By debit card, in person at City Hall

Note: Banks cannot accept lump-sum payments for local improvement charges.

2. Pay for the local improvement through annual installments, which are added to your main property tax notice.

If you do not pay in one lump sum by the due date on your bill, your share of the cost of a local improvement will be added to your property tax notice. You can pay for the improvement when you pay your taxes.

Pay out your local improvement balance anytime

Commuting allows property owners to make a single lump sum payment for the remaining local improvement charges instead of continuing with annual payments for the remaining life of the Local Improvement payback. If you are interested in this option, phone 3-1-1 to learn more.

New owners and local improvement charges 

Each year, some new owners of a property are surprised to find out about a local improvement charge. Efforts are made to make purchasers of property aware of pending local improvement charges by having remarks added to the tax record. These remarks are usually found when tax searches are conducted in advance of property transactions.

If you were not aware of the local improvement charge when you bought your property, you are still required to pay for your share.The charge is attached to the property, not the owner.

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