How to renew your tax deferral

Once you’ve been approved for the Tax Deferment Program, you must send us a completed renewal application form to keep deferring your taxes in subsequent years.

You should receive a Statement of Account and a renewal application form from the Provincial government by late May (which is about the same time your tax notice is sent).

You can complete the renewal form that is mailed to you, or you can download the renewal form online.

Do not submit duplicate forms.

Tax Deferment Program renewal form

When do I need to submit my renewal form?

Submit your Tax Deferment Program renewal form to the City by the second business day in July each year to avoid a 5% penalty charge.

Also, remember to claim your home owner grant by this date as well. 

This is the same date that your property taxes are due.

If you miss the date, you have until 31 December to submit your renewal, but you must pay any outstanding penalties before your renewal will be processed.

The City accepts renewal forms by mail or in person

You can mail your renewal form to the City.

You can also deliver your renewal form to City Hall in person in one of the following locations:

  • The Revenue Services counter, which is located on the first floor of City Hall
  • The drop box or mail slot, which is located at the south entrance of City Hall
  • The parking lot kiosk, which is available during the last week before the tax due date

If you lease your property from the Crown or the City of Vancouver, find more information about renewing your deferment on the Province's website.

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Due date for tax deferment renewals

July 3, 2014

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