Fitness classes

Fitness classes at Vancouver Community Centres

Get in shape, stay active, and improve your health with group fitness classes. Aerobics, step, and bootcamps, as well as Zumba, bellyfit, and afrobics, you'll find a wide variety of programs to get your heart pumping at Vancouver community centres.

Register for classes to ensure you have a spot or check the schedule and drop in when you can.

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Fitness class schedules

See schedules of drop in fitness classes at Vancouver Park Board community centres like aerobics, Zumba, and indoor cycling.

Fitness classes and programs

Fitness classes and programs

Find fitness classes at Vancouver Park Board community centres like aerobics, bellyfit, zumba, and indoor cycling.

Find a community or fitness centre

Community centers offer programs like yoga classes

Community centres

The Vancouver Park Board operates 24 community centres around the city. Find out where they are, what programs and services they offer, and how you can access them.

Fitness centres in Vancouver

Fitness centres

Find information about fitness centres run by the Vancouver Park Board; their services and amenities, equipment, costs, location, and more.

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Adapted exercise class in Vancouver

Adapted exercise classes

Exercise class adapted to meet the needs of those with various disabilities. Work on mobility and coordination, strength, and flexibility. Programs include osteofit, joint works, and more.

Woman having her blood pressure checked

Health clinics, training, and groups

Learn about City community health clinics, professional first aid training certification, and health and wellness programs.

Indoor cycling in Vancouver community centres

Indoor cycling

Workout on stationary bikes with indoor cycling classes (spin classes) at Vancouver fitness centres. Find out where you can participate and the types of classes available.

Personal training at Creekside Community Centre in Vancouver

Personal training

Get one-to-one attention at Vancouver Park Board recreation facilities with a personal trainer; stay on track or move your workout up a level. Find out which centres have personal trainers and how you can sign up.

Yoga and pilates at Vancouver community centres

Yoga and pilates

Yoga creates balance in the body by developing strength and flexibility through a series of poses or postures, each of which has specific physical benefits. Find yoga and pilates classes and schedules for all skill levels.

Dancer Antonio Somera of Desirée Dunbar's dance company Catalyst (photo by Allison Mullally)


Ballet, Ballroom, Jazz, Bhangra, Salsa, Hip Hop and more. Vancouver offers lessons in almost any form of dance you can think of. Find out about dance activities in Vancouver; courses, programs, studios, performances, permits for dances

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Other recreation programs

Outdoor yoga class

Private recreation permit holders

Find other organizations that are offering Park Board endorsed recreation programs at Vancouver parks and beaches.

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