Personal training

Personal training at Creekside Community Centre in Vancouver

Improve your health and wellness with support from our qualified and experienced personal trainers.

Our trainers will work with you to develop a customized fitness plan designed to meet your fitness goals and fit your busy schedule.

Achieve your fitness goals quicker

Whether you are a beginner, overcoming a plateau, rehabilitating from an injury or looking for sport-specific workouts, our trainers will motivate and support you in each session.

This page has information about personal training programs at Park Board fitness centres only. Some association fitness centres also offer personal training programs. Contact the specific facility for more information.

Sign up for group personal training for as low as $20 per session

Try out our small group personal training to enjoy the same intimate coaching experience as a personal training session at a reduced cost. A small group can include you and two to three friends or family members. Training with your friends and family can help you stay on track to acheive your fitness goals with a comfortable support system, encouragement, and healthy competition.

Sessions are $20 per person when you buy 10 sessions.

Register for recreation programs and services

Our registration and reservation system is easy to navigate and helps you plan, track, and manage all your recreation requests in one place.

If you are a new user, setting up your account is easy with an email address. Just create a password, complete your profile, and you’re ready to go.

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Personal training fees (2017)

Prices do not include tax.

Sessions Private
(1 person)
(2 people)
Small group
(3-4 people)
1 $49.73 $74.56 $108.80
3 $133.83 $200.79 $291.42
5 $223.79 $348.08 $427.43
10 $412.86 $646.43 $771.14

About our personal trainers

Personal trainer profiles

Meet the personal trainers at Vancouver Park Board recreation facilities. Find a trainer whose location, philosophy, and experience best fits your goals.

Work with a personal trainer

You can book 1, 3, 5, or 10 sessions, either privately or with a friend. Your first session may include a discussion of your goals, an assessment of your fitness level, an introduction to the equipment, and suggestions for proceeding.

How to register for personal training

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More personal training options

The following association fitness centres also offer personal training.

Contact them directly for details:

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