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Rent our pools and swim lanes for your private events, swim clubs, scuba diving lessons, and more.

Rates are hourly and don't include tax. Staffing is extra. Rates are subject to change.

Prime-time rates apply during times when pools are busiest and vary by location. For pool availability and rental inquiries, contact the specific pool.

General rental rates 

Outdoor pools

Facility Pool Lane
Kitsilano Pool $900.56 $120.31 (137.5 metres)
Second Beach $564.84 $42.21 (50 metres)
New Brighton $337.86 $21.66 (25 metres)
Maple Grove $337.86 n/a

Indoor pools

50-metre pools (Hillcrest Aquatic Centre, Second Beach Pool, and Vancouver Aquatic Centre)

Rental type Rate
50-metre tank $344.49
Lane $43.68
Section $115.19
Diving tanks $115.19
Teach tank* $25.36
Lecture/Party Room $26.05

* Staffing is extra.

Other pools

Rental type Rate
All other pools - 25-metre tank* $130.87
All other pools - Lane $22.09
Kensington full tank $98.01
Kensington shared use (½ tank) $54.33
Templeton teach tank* $25.36
School rentals - special
Templeton and Lord Byng*

* Staffing is extra.

Indoor pool block rentals

Facility ½ day Full day
50-metre pools $1,638.00 $3,276.00
All other pools $702.00 $1,404.00

Competitive swim club rental rates (2017)

These rates are for Vancouver-based clubs registered with Swim BC.

Rates are per hour unless otherwise indicated. Rates do not include tax. Select "Show more" to view the rates.

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