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Our pools and lanes are available to rent for private events, swim clubs, scuba diving lessons, and more. Please note that “prime-time” reflects times when pools are busiest and differs based on each location. For information about availability and to rent a pool or lane, contact the specific pool. Fees are subject to change.

General rental rates 

Outdoor pools

Facility Pool Lane
Kitsilano Pool $900.56 $120.31 (137.5 metres)
Second Beach $564.84 $42.21 (50 metres)
New Brighton $337.86 $21.66 (25 metres)
Maple Grove $337.86 n/a

Indoor pools

50-metre pools (Hillcrest Aquatic Centre, Second Beach Pool, and Vancouver Aquatic Centre)

Rental type Rate
50-metre tank $344.49
Lane $43.68
Section $115.19
Diving tanks $115.19
Teach tank* $25.36
Lecture/Party Room $26.05

* Staffing is extra.

Other pools

Rental type Rate
All other pools - 25-metre tank* $130.87
All other pools - Lane $22.09
Kensington full tank $98.01
Kensington shared use (½ tank) $54.33
Templeton teach tank* $25.36
School rentals - special
Templeton and Lord Byng*

* Staffing is extra.

Indoor pool block rentals

Facility ½ day Full day
50-metre pools $1,638.00 $3,276.00
All other pools $702.00 $1,404.00

Competitive swim club rental rates (2017)

These rates are for Vancouver-based clubs registered with Swim BC.

Rates are per hour unless otherwise indicated. Rates do not include tax. Select "Show more" to view the rates.

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