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Healthy City Stragtegy Goal 3: Feeding ourselves well
Goal 3: Feeding ourselves well

Feeding ourselves well

Our goal: A healthy, just, and sustainable food system
increase in the of neighbourhood food assets in Vancouver since 2010

The City works with community organizations to create sustainable and just food systems. In partnership with the Vancouver Food Policy Council, the City created and adopted the Vancouver Food Strategy in 2013. The Strategy addresses a number of gaps and vulnerabilities in the food system.

Considerations for this goal include:

  • Unequal access to healthy, affordable food
  • Opportunities to better support the local food economy
  • Making more resources available for underserved and vulnerable communities
  • Community development initiatives
Our target: Increase citywide and neighbourhood food assets by a minimum of 50% by 2020

Progress we've made so far

Local Food Chart
Source: City of Vancouver, Food Policy.

Food Assets

Neighbourhood Food Networks

Cost of Health Canada's National Nutritious Food Basket

The Vancouver Food Strategy focuses on all aspects of the food system, including:

  • Food Production – supporting and enabling community food assets (e.g. community gardens and urban farms) and making stronger connections to all parts of the food system
  • Empowering Residents – enhancing access for individuals to participate in the activities of neighbourhood food networks and other community-based food programs, particularly for vulnerable and isolated groups
  • Food Access – improving access to healthy, local, affordable food for all by increasing the number of healthy food retail including farmers markets, community food markets, and piloting healthy food programs

The Park Board's Local Food Action Plan has four priority areas which aim to include all aspects of the local food cycle, from growing to composting:

  • Increasing food assets, for example, planting fruit trees and community gardens in parks
  • Sustainable and local food economies, for example, collaboration with the City of Vancouver on local food sourcing to guide procurement contracts
  • Engaged and capacity rich food networks, for example, enhancing food programs available in Community Centres
  • Soil generation, for example, coordination with the City of Vancouver to implement waste management systems to handle food waste and compostable from Community Centres and concessions

Initiatives helping us reach these goals and targets

Vancouver Food Strategy

The Vancouver Food Strategy is a plan to improve our food system, making the city more equitable, sustainable, and economically healthy. Learn more, and get involved.

Healthy City Action Plan 2015 - 2018

See what we've got planned to help meet our goals. 

Download the plan  

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