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Goal 10: Expressing ourselves
Goal 10: Expressing ourselves

Expressing ourselves

Our goal: Vancouver has a diverse and thriving cultural ecology that enriches the lives of residents and visitors
creative places and spaces identified on Vancouver’s Cultural Spaces Map

Participation in arts and culture is critical to building a vibrant, livable and healthy city.

Arts and cultural events include a wide range in the community, including:

  • Large scale performances
  • Art galleries and exhibits
  • Street festivals and small-scale community art projects

Each type of activity plays a different but important role in improving our individual and collective well-being.

Our target: Increase public participation and community engagement in arts and culture by 25%

Progress we've made so far

Artistic works and events
Artists & volunteers
Cultural workers
Artistic works and events

Arts and culture participation

  • In 2015, 240 non-profit organizations delivered 27.8 thousand artistic works and events to an audience of 6.3 million, engaging 16.9 thousand artists and 24.6 thousand volunteers
    Source: City of Vancouver, Cultural Services based on self-reported data from 237 non-profit cultural organizations receiving cash grants from the City of Vancouver

Note Previously reported numbers have been restated February 2017

Artists and cultural workers

Creative places and spaces

The five strategic directions for 2014-2018 are to:

  1. Foster cultural leadership
  2. Increase community participation and engagement
  3. Provide sustainable support programs for the arts
  4. Optimize the City’s cultural investments (such as City owned cultural facilities and collections)
  5. Invest in Vancouver’s creative economy


Initiatives helping us reach these goals and targets

Arts and culture

We have a vibrant arts and culture scene from public to performance art, and more. Find out more and learn about opportunities for artists.

Vancouver Public Library

Visit the Vancouver Public Library website.

Healthy City Action Plan 2015 - 2018

See what we've got planned to help meet our goals. 

Download the plan  

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