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Healthy City Strategy Goal 4: Healthy human services
Goal 4: Healthy human services

Healthy human services

Our goal: Equitable access to high-quality social, community, and health services
Estimated residents within 15 minute walk of library, community centre, and neighbourhood house

Connecting to care can be a critical first step on the long road to greater mental and physical health and well-being. The Healthy City Strategy promotes an integrated approach to human services. We want to ensure that all Vancouverites have access to the services they need to thrive.

Human services include support for:

  • Physical illness or injury
  • Career and training help
  • Assistance for new parents
  • Instances in which we need counselling or support
  • Vulnerable populations who may face multiple barriers to accessing services
Our target: A family doctor for every Vancouver resident, and increase number of citizens who report having access to services when they need them by 25%

Progress we've made so far

Percentage of adults who report having a family doctor
Source: Vancouver Coastal Health, My Health My Community Survey; 2013 and prior from Statistics Canada, Canadian Community Health Survey.

Attachment to a family doctor or primary health care provider

Proximity to "community hubs" (library, community centre, neighbourhood house)

  • 43% of persons are within a 15‑minute walk of a community centre, library and neighbourhood house (2016)
    Source: City of Vancouver, Social Policy

Access to services when needed

  • We are currently working on ways to measure this indicator.
    Source: To be determined

Park Board Leisure Access Program usage

  1. Develop a Social Amenities Priorities Plan.
    • Results: We will develop a plan that aligns investments based on research and data to increase equitable access to services; and to ensure that services can respond to changing local needs over time.
  2. Support the implementation of priorities identified through the efforts of the Mayor’s Task Force on Mental Health and Addictions.
    • Results: We will optimize an effective mental health and addiction service system through integration, peer supports, specialized addiction practices, consumer choice and involvement, and special attention to youth, Indigenous, and gender inclusion.

Initiatives helping us reach these goals and targets

Community centres

We operate 24 community centres around the city. Find out where they are and what programs and services they offer.

Community grants

To help build strong communities in Vancouver, the City offers a range of grants funding for non-profit social groups and neighbourhood organizations.

Health clinics, training, and groups

Learn about City community health clinics, professional first aid training certification, and health and wellness programs.

Mental health and addiction

Learn how the City is reducing the harm caused by alcohol and drug use - and ensuring that people get treatment - without sacrificing public safety. Get links to mental health and addiction resources.

Healthy City Action Plan 2015 - 2018

See what we've got planned to help meet our goals. 

Download the plan  

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