Healthy City Strategy success stories

Our recent accomplishments

Strategy goal: Making ends meet and working well Goal: Making ends meet

Our target: Reduce the city’s poverty rate by 75% and increase the median income by at least 3% every year

Ceritifed as a living wage employer by the Living Wage for Families Campaign

The City, Park Board, and Vancouver Police Department have taken steps to reduce inequity by becoming living wage employers. Adopting a living wage policy demonstrates the City's commitment to support healthy, thriving communities, and help individuals and families make ends meet.

The Women's Summer Fair and Flee Market ensures vocational and income generating opportunities for women residents in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside

The Downtown Eastside Women's Centre's Women's Summer Fair and Flee Market was an opportunity for women in the community to engage in street based economies within a safe, respectful environment.

New economic strategy for the Downtown Eastside aims to harness employment opportunities and reduce poverty

City staff and the Exchange Inner City Committee, which is made up of 35 community groups, businesses, and other local stakeholders, have created a strategy that seeks to improve the lives of low income residents.

Strategy goal: Being and feeling safe and includedGoal: Being and feeling safe and included

Our targets: Increase residents’ sense of belonging and safety by 10%, and make Vancouver the safest major city in Canada

Indigenous awareness and training  

In March 2016, our Corporate Management Team completed a half-day Indigenous Awareness workshop at the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre. 

Taking steps to better serve people living with dementia 

We partnered with the Alzheimer’s Society of BC to develop training that will help City staff better serve people living with dementia.

Awareness training for sex work and sexual exploitation

We have worked in partnership with Living in Community since 2012 to deliver training designed to build individual and organizational capacity to best respond to the health and safety needs of sex workers in Vancouver. 

Cultivating connections Goal: Cultivating connections

Our targets: All Vancouverites have four people in their network that they can rely on, and increase municipal voter turnout to at least 60%

Catalyzing a social movement around connection and belonging

In December 2016, we partnered with Vancouver Coastal Health and Metro Vancouver to host “Connect,” an action-oriented forum looking at social connections and belonging in the region.

Strategy goal: Feeding ourselves well Goal: Feeding ourselves well

Our target: Increase citywide and neighbourhood food assets by a minimum of 50% by 2020

International award for food strategy 

Our Food Strategy won the 2016 Milan Food Policy Pact Award for "Governance or ensuring an enabling environment for effective action”. The international awards were created to stimulate the exchange of practices and learning between signatory cities worldwide.

The City meets its food asset target

In 2017, we met our food asset target! Some of these assets include over 600 new community garden plots since 2013 and a doubling in the number of community food markets offered.

Strategy goal: Getting aroundGoal: Getting around

Our target: Make over 50% of trips by foot, bicycle, and public transit

Through many partner and our initiatives we has had great achievements since the program launched over a year ago. 

Vancouver hosts international conference on active transportation

In September 2016, as part of our Active Transportation Promotion and Enabling Plan, Vancouver hosted the international Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place conference.

Strategy goal: Environments to thrive in Goal: Environments to thrive in

Our target: Add a biodiversity target and a target related to toxins prevention to the Greenest City Action Plan, and increase neighbourhood walk scores

Vancouverites have the right to a healthy environment and equitable access to livable environments in which they can thrive. 

New forms of block parties bring laneway and apartment communities together 

In 2016 there were 159 block parties hosted in Vancouver, and the number of applications has steadily increased since 2011. 

Strategy goal: Expressing ourselvesGoal: Expressing ourselves

Our goal: Vancouver has a diverse and thriving cultural ecology that enriches the lives of residents and visitors

Mural Festival showcases public street art

The August Vancouver Mural Festival was a landmark celebration of public art, creating over 56 new street murals in Mount Pleasant, Strathcona, and False Creek Flats. 

Strategy goal: Collaborative leadershipGoal: Collaborative leadership

Our target: 90% of “actions for all” to be developed in phase 2 will be implemented

Leaders from the public, private, and civil sectors in Vancouver work in integrated and collaborative ways towards the vision of a healthy Vancouver for all. 

Vancouver Immigration Partnership (VIP) launches its New Start Strategy for Immigrants and Refugees

The New Start Strategy for Immigrants and Refugees  in Vancouver aims to improve the newcomer experience.