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Donations to municipalities are tax deductible.

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Tax receipts will be sent by mail for all donations of $25 or more. Tax receipts for gifts under $25 are mailed on request.

The following residents have chosen to support the the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation. We are pleased to acknowledge our supporters and extend our gratitude for their interest in helping us preserve the beauty of our city.

Mr. Frank Sanie

Mr. Frank Sanie's gift

Mr. Frank Sanie, who was a long-time resident of Vancouver, dedicated a park bench to celebrate and promote the sport of croquet. Learn more about him and his generous gift.

Keith and Betty Beedie

Keith and Betty Beedie Conservation Endowment

This endowment has inspired many residents and citizens to contribute to the care and maintenance of Vancouver’s parks.

Andrew and Crystal Johns

Andrew and Crystal Johns' gift

Andrew and Crystal Johns established a named endowment with the Vancouver Park Board in celebration of their wedding.

Mr. Charles Franklin Moore

Mr. Charles Franklin Moore's gift

Mr. Charles Franklin Moore's estate gift funded the redevelopment of the Stanley Park tennis courts and supports recreation programs.

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Vancouver Park Board
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Thank you for your support

2016 donors

We are pleased to acknowledge contributions of $1,000 or more made to the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation in 2016.

2016 donorsKeith and Betty Beedie Conservation EndowmentMr. Charles Franklin Moore's giftAndrew and Crystal Johns' giftMr. Frank Sanie's gift