Year of Reconciliation: June, 2013 - June, 2014

Year of Reconciliation

Witnessing the process of reconciliation and healing

In partnership with Reconciliation Canada, the City is supporting a Year of Reconciliation by acknowledging the negative cultural impacts and stereotypes that resulted from Canada’s residential school system, to witness the process of reconciliation and healing, and advance with a greater shared understanding of the historical impacts that have shaped the experiences of Aboriginal people to date.

A year-long initiative featuring gatherings, dialogue, public education, and more

We are embracing reconciliation through a year-long initiative as a way to mend the past, build shared understanding, and create a legacy for meaningful change in society.

The initiative will include a series of gatherings, intercultural dialogue and storytelling workshops, public education, and cultural and arts programs.

Details of the initiative

There are a host of City programs in the works that connect to Reconciliation. These include:

  • Aboriginal components within the Stanley Park 125 celebrations
  • Artworks commissioned by the Public Art Program to honour and celebrate the Year of Reconciliation
  • The creation of a Reconciliation legacy Carving Centre at Britannia Park
  • The development of Newcomer’s Guide to Aboriginal Communities, Elders and Arts program

Programming will also be included through the Vancouver Public Library’s (VPL) dialogue sessions, author readings and documentaries, including a dedicated series with a British Columbia focus.

VPL is re-energizing its Aboriginal Storyteller in Residence program, which returns later this year with a new storyteller who will share the tradition and craft in free workshops and sessions.  

Reconciliation in Canada

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Meet the artists selected to create artwork for an eight-month public exhibition related to Vancouver's Year of Reconciliation.

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