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How to store a commercial waste container on City property

Food scraps container permit

Details you'll need before you apply to store a food scraps container for a multi-unit residence, mixed use building, or food-related business on City property.

Garbage and recycling containers should be kept on private property, but we understand this is not always possible.

If you need to store a container on a City street or lane:

  • Have your garbage or recycling collection service provider seek permission from the City
  • The City will provide terms and conditions to the building owner and container service provider
  • It is the responsibility of the owner and the container service provider to maintain the container, and ensure it is not overflowing

Have your service provider complete our online inquiry form for commercial waste container permits. 

Someone from our Clean Streets Program will follow up with them about storing a commercial waste container on City property.

We will send an inspector to visit the proposed container storage location.

The inspector will confirm:

  • There is not another storage space on your property
  • The container is less than 3 cubic meters in size
  • The container will not block vehicle or pedestrian traffic

When the container is approved, your service provider will be billed an annual fee. When the container is removed, the service provider can notify the City to have this charge cancelled.

When storing a container on City property, ensure it:

  • Displays the building address, and the name and phone number of the responsible service provider
  • Is kept clean, neat, and odour-free (including the area within 1.5 metres of the container)
  • Is free of graffiti
  • Is closed and locked except when in direct use, or being emptied
  • Is emptied frequently to prevent overflow
  • Remains in the approved location

To ensure the health and safety of citizens, the City enforces its standards and regulations regarding commercial waste containers. Improper maintenance can result in the City:

  • Impounding the container
  • Cleaning up graffiti or clearing garbage overflow, and charging the cost to the building owner/manager or the service provider
  • Canceling approval to store the container on the street or lane
  • Issuing a fine of up to $10,000.00
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