Aerial view of Sunset Beach concert

Partnerships and business opportunities

The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation works with private businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals to preserve natural and cultural resources and create enjoyable experiences for you and millions of visitors who benefit from the expansive parks and recreation system. 

The Think Big Action Plan (2.7 MB) details our strategies for generating revenue and preliminary revenue-driven projects. 

Our partnership and business development efforts are focused on:

  • Addressing the growing need for maintenance and renewal of parks and recreation facilities
  • Sustaining service delivery while reducing the burden on taxpayers

Partnership opportunities

Unsolicited proposals

Learn more about submitting an idea for a project with the intention of forming a partnership.

Plan and book an event in a park

Find out what you need to plan and book an event in Vancouver parks and facilities.


Learn more about the film permitting process and the services the Park Board provides.

Donating to parks and recreation

Support your community by making a tax-deductible gift or donation to your favourite park or recreational activity.

Bids, contracts, RFPs, purchase orders

Learn about existing opportunities, procurement, and bid processes. View bids, contracts, RFPs, and notices of intent.