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City issues over 280 temporary patio permits, and counting…

July 24 2020 –

In less than two months since launching our Temporary Expedited Patio Program (TEPP), we have issued more than 280 temporary patio permits to support businesses throughout their recovery from COVID-19.

Temporary patios allow food and liquor serving establishments to expand their indoor seating outside and maintain physical distancing requirements. Local businesses can apply online for their free patio permit at Permits are valid until October 31 and allow businesses to immediately take advantage of patio season in Vancouver.

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Quotes from patio owners

“It was great to see that in this time of crisis, our city has really come together to support small businesses by providing us with a fast, quick, and easy way to expand our seating outside,” said Mark Moody, owner of the Templeton restaurant on Granville Street. “The TEPP team was nothing short of impressive. They removed the red tape and delivered our permit within two days.” 

“The patio program has been so important to us as we try to get back to regular operations,” said Jeff Parr, co-owner or Their There / Hundy coffee shop and restaurant on W 4th Avenue. “Our space is very tight and cozy so having guests back in our room would not be possible while maintaining proper social distance measures. Having a patio provides not only an amazing seating option but really helps the overall dining culture in Vancouver!”

Since launching the program on June 1, we have issued 290 patio permits. Here’s a breakdown of the permits received to date:

  Public patios Private patios
Approved 232 58
Under review 7 8
Outside scope 103 0
Total 342 66

Quotes from City staff

“We know this temporary outdoor space is important to businesses, and our dedicated team is quickly reviewing applications as they are received. To speed up the application process, we’ve provided template patio drawings for businesses to use in their online application,” said Jessie Adcock, General Manager of Development, Buildings and Licensing. “Businesses who meet the mandatory requirements can expect to receive their permit within two business days of submitting their completed application for patios on a public property and within five days for patios on private property that do not require construction.”

“Reshaping how we use streets and public spaces has been critical to supporting businesses through COVID-19 recovery,” said Lon LaClaire, General Manager of Engineering Services. “From extending sidewalks to provide room for queues to temporary plazas and patios our team is committed to innovative solutions so that residents can safely enjoy outdoor spaces this summer.”

For more information on the Temporary Expedited Patio Program and a full list of approved patio locations, visit


  • On May 12, Council directed staff to work on a new, faster online application process to provide increased flexibility for restaurants to provide service outdoors
  • On June 1, we launched the Temporary Expedited Patio Program and online application process for patios on public property 
  • On June 11, Council approved bylaw amendments to include patios on private property as part of the Temporary Expedited Patio Program
  • On June 25, the online application process expanded to include patios on private property
  • On June 30, following a public hearing, Council approved bylaw amendments to allow outdoor patios on private property for breweries, distilleries, and wineries

Restart and recovery

Vancouverites continue to do a great job in reducing the spread of COVID-19 by staying home and staying put. As we shift into recovery and restart, we are asking the public to: 

  • Stay strong – keep two metres apart, do not attend large gatherings, and stay home if you are feeling unwell 
  • Stay local – support local businesses and your neighbourhood

For more detailed information about the status of City services and facilities, visit