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  • City Council held a special meeting on March 23 to vote on an enhanced bylaw that lets us enforce emergency orders that limit spread of COVID-19. Read the by-law to declare a State of Emergency in Vancouver (14 KB)
  • If you're providing essential services in Vancouver and have no other options for childcare, you can request a childcare referral.
  • Parking lots at high-traffic parks and beaches are closed starting March 22.
  • Restaurant table service is required to shut down (only takeout or delivery will be allowed) starting March 21.
  • Playgrounds and outdoor recreation facilities are closed as of March 20.
  • We created a dedicated COVID-19 task force on March 20.
  • City Council voted to declare a state of emergency as a result of COVID-19 on March 19.
  • We're closely monitoring the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation in BC.
  • We're closing or limiting public access to our facilities.
  • All events or programs with 50 people or more are cancelled or postponed.

Facilities and services

Registered day camps are working toward full closure by end of day, March 20. Please contact your day camp site for more information. Licensed childcare will remain open until further notice.

No new registrations will be taken at this time.



Updates from the City of Vancouver

City suspends business licence, checks nearly 7,000 establishments for emergency order compliance

March 27 2020 - We suspended the business licence of a Tim Hortons location for 3 days due to violating orders that help combat the spread of coronavirus.

Temporary emergency childcare referral system for essential workers launches

March 27 2020 - The referral system will connect essential service workers with licensed childcare providers for childcare during this public health crisis.

City Councillors and advisory committees working together on COVID-19 response

March 27 2020 - Vancouver City Councillors and 10 City advisory committees are holding special working sessions on responding to COVID-19.

Social Resilience Task Force delivering essential needs for Vancouver residents

March 26 2020 - Two emergency response centres are opening to create additional capacity and provide a safer place for those experiencing homelessness.

City’s enforcement ability strengthened under State of Emergency bylaw

March 23 2020 - City of Vancouver staff have the ability to prosecute breaches of emergency orders, and the ability to issue tickets.

Council to vote Monday on enhanced bylaw to provide for enforcement of emergency orders, limit spread of COVID-19

March 22 2020 - Businesses that remain open must ensure appropriate social distancing for staff and patrons, otherwise they will be closed and fined.

Park Board closes parking lots as part of COVID-19 response

March 22 2020 - Parking lots at busy parks and beaches are closed due to insufficient social distancing. This includes Kits Beach, English Bay, and more.

Park Board closes playgrounds, reminds community to adhere to social distancing

March 20 2020 - The Park Board is closing its playgrounds across the city.

City shuts down all restaurant table service, closes playgrounds, and creates dedicated COVID-19 task force

March 20 2020 - Today, the City of Vancouver is issuing an order to shut down all restaurant table service as of midnight on Friday, March 20, 2020.

Vancouver City Council declares local state of emergency

March 19 2020 - This lets us do more to ensure we can maintain essential services and meet demands of Vancouver Coastal Health and other partners.

Council to hold Special Meeting in response to COVID-19

March 18 2020 - This is a Special Council meeting called by the Mayor under section 14.5 of the Procedure By-law. It'll take place at 10am on Thursday, March 19.

City implements additional service closures, continues to review operations in response to COVID-19

March 17 2020 - Get details about changes to service counters, meetings, event permits, children's day camps, and more.

City closes all Library, Civic Theatres, and Park Board facilities to the public

March 16 2020 - We're closing or limiting public access to a number of our facilities to curb the potential spread of COVID-19.

City announces further cancellations following Province’s order to restrict gatherings of 250 people or more

March 13 2020 - The City of Vancouver is currently reviewing all gatherings following yesterday’s announcement from the Provincial Health Officer.

City responds to Provincial order to cancel gatherings of 250 people or more due to COVID-19

March 12 2020 - Shows scheduled for March 12 and March 13 at Vancouver Civic Theatres are cancelled. The City is currently reviewing all events and programs.

City taking measures to deal with COVID-19

March 12 2020 - The City of Vancouver continues to work with internal and external partners on a proactive approach to deal with COVID-19.

Community resilience

We have partnered with Vancouver Coastal Health and BC Housing on a multi-agency public partner task force to implement an immediate plan of action and information-distribution network that focuses on residents of the Downtown Eastside (DTES) and populations that are most at risk. The task force is working to:

  • Improve communications with DTES residents and service providers
  • Secure additional locations where people who need to self-isolate but are experiencing homelessness can go
  • Consider other basic needs such as food security and strategies to support harm reduction
  • Connect with community networks and organizations to support in the response design and delivery

Emergency response centres (referral-only)

Many people experiencing homelessness have higher rates of health concerns and may be at greater risk if exposed to COVID-19. Adding more spaces for people experiencing homelessness prevents crowding and helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses.

The new emergency response centres are temporary, referral-only, and staffed 24/7. Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) will provide ongoing public health guidance and BC Housing has appointed non-profit operators to manage the emergency response centres.

Location Capacity Status Operator
Coal Harbour
  • 21 beds
  • Can expand to 64 beds
Open Community Builders Group
  • Phased opening
  • Can expand to 79 beds
By March 29 Lookout

Separate rooms with private bathrooms available for people that need to self-isolate.

Referral process

If shelter providers have someone who is showing signs of COVID-19, they call a designated number managed by VCH for assistance. 

Individuals may be asked to stay in place, go to the COVID-19 emergency response centres, or go to an isolation room in an identified hotel. 

In the case that we need to transport those that are COVID positive, we have secured specialized transportation. 

Food Security Task Force

Our work focuses on ensuring Vancouverites continue to have access to food during the COVID-19 emergency, with an initial focus on emerging needs in the DTES. 

Current priorities include: 

  • Assuring the public that food sector organizations, services, and businesses (such as grocery stores) are classified as essential services
  • Enabling meal provision in DTES for those living in city-run non-market housing, and others facing food insecurity, living in deep poverty, or who are experiencing homelessness
  • Working with other public sector partners to provide up to date information on food supply and health guidance
  • Conducting outreach to community networks to understand their food-related needs and capacities 
  • Developing a system to connect donors to critical needs 
  • Developing a food access wayfinding system for individuals to access information and support
  • Assessing how people are getting food city-wide, and planning for an appropriate response to address gaps

Find recommendations for minimizing COVID-19 risk for community-based food (256 KB)

A community member, Limage Media Group, has created a crowd-sourced google map listing meal programs and other resources around Vancouver. Check out the map if you need a meal, or are supporting someone who does.

View the emergency food services and community supports map 

What you can do to protect us all


Health resources

Pet health resources

Food resources

Free and low-cost meals: Downtown Eastside (DTES)

Retailers, specialty food, food programs, and more: Vancouver-wide

The Food Asset Map is a detailed listing of places where people can grow, prepare, share, buy, receive or learn about food. Due to the COVID-19 situation, some listings will not be current. The map is maintained by Vancouver Coastal Health.

Financial resources

Feedback and inquiries

Give feedback and ask questions about our response to COVID-19