COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Affected facilities and services

Find out what's open and guidelines for a safe visit.

Wearing a mask is required when you visit City, Park Board, and library facilities.

City facilities and services Park and recreation facilities

Access City services online

Wear a mask when you visit our buildings

Stay home if you're sick or have symptoms

Stay 2 metres apart

Avoid large gatherings

Enforcing health orders

City staff and park rangers actively provide education about compliance with provincial health orders but they do not have authority to enforce these orders through tickets and fines .

Vancouver Police may issue tickets and penalties to people and businesses that violate the orders.

Report a provincial health order violation

Moving Vancouver Forward: Economic and community recovery

We're supporting and accelerating economic and community recovery through new programs and initiatives.

Learn more

City services

Affected City facilities and services

Most facilities have reopened, and there's a lot you can do online, by phone, or by appointment.

Affected Parks and recreation facilities and services

Learn what parks, beaches, community centres, and more are open and what new guidelines are in place.

Road closures and changes

Find out about temporary closures and changes to help citizens physically distance, and other closures in your neighbourhood.

Making Streets for People program

We are reshaping how we use our streets and public spaces to help residents physically distance and mitigate the risk of COVID-19 to our communities.

Community support

Our Community Resilience team focuses on supporting community members who are most at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic.

State of Emergency By-law (21 KB)

The State of Emergency grants us additional powers to reduce the spread of COVID-19, including procurement of critical supplies, acquisition or use of land or property, and enforcement of Provincial or City orders.

The order (117 KB) issued on March 20, 2020, has since been rescinded.

COVID-19 core safety plan (490 KB)

This document outlines essential safety protocols to ensure the health and safety of staff and citizens as we maintain, expand, and restart operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.


City construction

Construction is an essential service. City crews are continuing critical-infrastructure upgrades and maintenance work.


The BC CDC says there's currently no evidence that pets can become sick with COVID-19 or can spread the virus to people.

Rental housing

Review supports available to help renters in Vancouver during the COVID-19 emergency.


Review resources to find food if you are in need, and give food by donating or volunteering.

Waste and recycling

Safely dispose of your garbage to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect our waste collection staff.

Childcare at community centres

Get details about childcare sites reopening at some community centres as of September 1, 2020.


Donate medical supplies, cleaning products, food, and money to support our COVID-19 response and help our community.

Self-isolation (113 KB)

Get a guide on how to be prepared for self-isolation, including a checklist for your self-isolation kit.

Property tax

Public access to City Hall is limited. Please make payments online, through your bank, or by mailing or dropping off a cheque. Cash payments are not accepted. Call 3-1-1 if you need assistance.

If you come to City Hall in person, there may be lineups – please be prepared to wait outside.


BC COVID-19 self-assessment tool 

The symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to other respiratory illnesses like the flu and common cold, according to the BC Centre for Disease Control (BC CDC).

Symptoms include: cough, sneezing, fever, sore throat, and difficulty breathing.

BC Centre for Disease Control

Find information about COVID-19, how to protect yourself, your family and your community and what to do if you suspect you have the virus.

BC Mental Health

It's normal to feel worried and overwhelmed and in these difficult times you might be wondering how to best manage your stress and anxiety.

Businesses and organizations

Support for local businesses

Review how we and others are supporting local businesses during COVID-19. Get resources and review guidelines for businesses.

Remote work support for employers

Get support if you are offering remote and flexible work to your employees. Download the Remote and Flexible Work Toolkit and access other resources.

Recovery support for non-profit and social enterprise organizations

Find resources and guidance to support non-profits and social enterprises recover, rebuild, and look to the future.

Temporary Expedited Patio Program

To support business recovery due to COVID-19, we have created an expedited patio permit. Restaurants and cafes can quickly apply to convert on-street parking or sidewalk spaces into temporary patios.

Help get and give food

Review funding and volunteer resources for non-profit organizations.

Give help

Donate medical supplies, cleaning products, food, and money to support our COVID-19 response and help our community.

Latest updates

COVID-19 news

Council waives 2021 patio permit fees

May 21 2021 - City Council voted this week to waive all annual 2021 patio permit fees for small and large patios across Vancouver.

One year after start of pandemic, Vancouver remains focused on economic and community recovery

April 27 2021 - A report presented to Council summarizes our efforts to respond to COVID-19, and to support economic and community recovery across Vancouver.

Upgraded Beach Avenue ready for its summer close-up

April 26 2021 - Our interim improvements to increase safety and public space for people who walk, cycle, take transit, or drive along Beach Avenue are complete.

More COVID-19 news

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Government resources

Province of BC COVID-19 website

Find information about public health guidance, financial support, BC's restart plan, employment, child care, and more.

Government of Canada COVID-19 website

Find information about the current situation, financial and economic support, health, limiting the spread, travel, and more.