Little Destroyer live in Vancouver
Credit: Daniel W. Young

Vancouver Music Strategy

The Vancouver Music Strategy embraces our city's vibrant music scene and aims to support music and musicians working and living here.

To develop the strategy, we are assessing Vancouver's music ecology by determining its social and economic impact, and identifying gaps in the music sector.

The strategy will be used to increase integration and awareness for the music industry.

In July 2018, we presented an interim report, which saw $400,000 in one-time funding approved by City Council. This will:

  • Support grants to Vancouver-based, music-focused projects in partnership with other agencies and funders
  • Fund a temporary full-time staff resource focused on the music community and completing final report recommendations


  • 2016 - 2017

    Gather input from advisory committee and voices across the music sector to identify gaps and analyse the contribution of music to the city

  • 2017 - early-2018

    Engage with the public through surveys, interviews, and roundtables

  • July-2018

    Interim Report approved by Council

  • We are here
  • Q3 2019

    Present final report based on public input, expert advice and ecosystem assessment to Council

Vancouver Music Advisory Committee

The committee is comprised of Vancouver’s artists, experts, and leaders in music.

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Jarrett Martineau
Cultural Planner - Vancouver Music Strategy