Accessible voting

Assistance is available to ensure all eligible voters can cast their ballot.

More voting opportunities

Voting is expanded to shelters, drop-in centres, and small care facilities. 

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Election day: October 20

Need help marking your ballot?

If you need help to mark your ballot because of physical disability or difficulties with reading or writing, ask for the Presiding Election Official (PEO) in charge at the voting place.

You can choose to:

  • Have the PEO help you. All election officials must take an oath to preserve the secrecy of ballots, so they can help you if required.
  • Bring someone you know to the voting place to help you. This person will have to take an oath of secrecy that will be given by the PEO.  

Cannot enter the voting place?

If you are physically unable to enter the voting place, you may have someone ask the PEO to assist you to vote near the voting place, such as in your car.

Need translation or interpretation?

If you have difficulty speaking, reading, or understanding English, your voting place may have people with fluency in languages other than English who can help you. Ask at the voting place.

Election staff who speak another language will be wearing a button indicating the language they speak.

You may also bring your own translator, who would be required to take an oath of secrecy given by the PEO.

PEOs also have access to a service that can interpret ballot marking instructions in over 180 languages.


Phone: 3-1-1


Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm

Election Office

1st Floor 
450 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1R4

City Clerk's Office

3rd Floor, City Hall
453 W 12th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1V4