How to vote

Plan Your Vote

158 candidates are running for 27 positions. Build a voting plan that shows where your choices are on the ballot. 

Who can vote

To vote in a City of Vancouver election, you must: 

  • Be 18 years of age or older on election day
  • Be a Canadian citizen 
  • Have lived in BC for at least 6 months immediately before registering to vote 
  • Have lived in Vancouver or owned property registered in your name in Vancouver for at least 30 days immediately before registering to vote
  • Not be disqualified by law from voting 

What you need to know


How to register to vote, find out if you're registered, update, or change your information.


You may be asked for identification when you vote. Find out what types of ID we accept.

Where to vote

See which voting places are close to your home, work, or where you're running errands.

Accessible voting

Help is available to mark your ballot, with translation, and if you cannot enter the voting place.

Vote by mail

See if you qualify then apply to vote by mail if you are unable to vote in person.

Who is running

View candidate platforms, biographies, and nomination documents.

Get a vote reminder

Sign up to receive a text or email reminder to vote in the election.

Non-resident property owners

How to apply to vote if you own property in Vancouver and live in another BC municipality.

Promote the vote

Add "I'm voting" to your social media profile photos

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Share a selfie with your I voted sticker

Free "I voted" stickers are available at voting places.

Share a selfie with your sticker and tag it #VancouverVotes!

 While promoting the vote, photos of ballots are not permitted under the Vancouver Charter.


Phone: 3-1-1


Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm

Election Office

1st Floor 
450 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1R4

City Clerk's Office

3rd Floor, City Hall
453 W 12th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1V4

Security of election technology

It’s critical that Vancouver city election processes are both secure and fair. For all voting systems used in the 2018 election, the City has done rigorous testing and assessment to ensure we protect the integrity of the vote.

When acquiring critical technology needed to run the election, the City required suppliers to meet or exceed stringent security requirements, and performed its own internal security tests to ensure standards were met. 

For example, the Vancouver city election uses an electronic voters’ list to enable voters to vote at any location, and ballot tabulators to accurately count the ballots. Both these systems have been subject to thorough evaluation, internal testing, and third-party security testing. Suppliers were also asked to meet standards for physical and technical security arrangements, including encryption and certification. 

Further, ballot readers are not networked and, as such, not susceptible to unauthorized access or tampering via the internet.