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The Park Board offers lifeguard training through an annual Lifeguard School program. Lifeguard School graduates get priority consideration for jobs at City and Park Board facilities.

The Lifeguard School program provides lifeguard certification and recertification if you need to update your skills.

Become a lifeguard

Steps to becoming a lifeguard

  1. Earn your Lifesaving Society's Bronze Medallion Award. This course includes instruction in lifesaving skills, water rescues, and first aid. Applicants to the Bronze Medallion course should be at least 13 years old or have completed the Bronze Star course.
  2. Earn your Bronze Cross and Standard First Aid (or Aquatic Emergency Care). These two courses are prerequisites for the National Lifeguard Service (NLS) certification. NLS certification is required to work at City and Park Board pools and beaches.

2018 Lifeguard School course and exam schedules

Life saving courses that can be used for high school credits

British Columbia and Yukon high school students can use Bronze Cross, Lifesaving Instructor and NLS certifications for credit toward high school graduation.


  • Bronze Cross is worth 2 credits for Grade 11
  • Lifesaving Instructor + Bronze Cross are worth 3 credits for Grade 11
  • National Lifeguard Service - Pool/Core option (NLS) is worth 2 credits for Grade 12


  • Students may only use these credits for the assigned grades (that is,┬ástudents cannot combine both certifications toward one grade)
  • The awards do not need to be current
  • If the student has already used Bronze Cross for 2 credits, then completes Lifesaving Instructor at a later date, they can replace the 2 credits from Bronze Cross with 3 credits for Lifesaving Instructor and Bronze Cross combined


  • Students are asked to inform their school counsellor in charge of curriculum that they wish to use these certifications as part of the "External Credit Program"
  • Students will be asked to provide proof of their certitification card(s)

For more information, talk to your school counsellor or see the Ministry of Education's Course Information for the Graduation Program.