Residents video gallery

Vancouver is home to many Indigenous, diasporic communities, and many others who have made and continue to make significant contributions to this city.

The video gallery digresses from Anglo-centric, settler-focused story telling and aims to tell a richer and more complete set of stories about the past and present contributions of Vancouver residents in ways that reflect our diversity. 

The gallery is timed at a pace for the information to be read slowly. To view the video at a faster speed, click on the settings icon in the bottom right hand corner and adjust the playback speed or view the gallery in this document  (2.5 MB).

This video gallery of change makers in our community is on display as a slideshow in the third floor foyer of Vancouver’s City Hall. Its purpose is to make visible the impactful leadership of racialized communities, and create a more welcoming and inclusive space for guests and the public visiting the offices of the Mayor, City Clerk’s, and Councillors as well as the Council Chamber.


Find out more about the steps we have taken and will be taking in advancing reconciliation, anti-racism, and equity.