Prevent odours and pests in food scraps

Cleaning your Green Bin with soap and water

Use these tips to reduce flies, prevent maggots, minimize odours, and keep animals away in your kitchen container and Green Bin, particularly during the warm, summer months.

No plastic bags Important: Do not line your kitchen container with plastic, even if it is labelled compostable or biodegradable.

Tips for your kitchen

  • Drain excess liquids off of your food scraps before putting them in your kitchen container.
  • Empty your kitchen container daily.
  • Wrap food scraps in newspaper or a paper bag.
  • Store wrapped food scraps in the freezer until collection day.
  • Capture fruit flies with a bowl of apple cider vinegar covered with plastic wrap, with several small holes in the plastic.

Tips for your Green Bin

  • Store your bin outside in a ventilated, shady, and convenient location with the lid closed.
  • Alternate a layer of food scraps with a layer of leaves or dead plants in your bin.
  • Allow grass clippings and leaves to dry before placing them in your bin.
  • Keep the contents of your bin dry. Line the bin with newsprint, cardboard, or yard trimmings before adding your food scraps.
  • Set out your bin for collection every week (full or not)
  • Rinse your bin after collection with mild detergent or a vinegar and water solution.
  • Eliminate maggots in your bin by putting salt or vinegar on them.

Find out how you can prevent pest and odours in your garbage bin

Hire a company to clean your Green Bin

For a list of private companies that provide Green Bin cleaning services, contact the Recycling Council of BC.

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Go green with food scraps

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No plastic in Green Bins

No plastic bags in food scraps

The composting facility in Richmond can’t process any kind of plastic, even bags marketed “biodegradable" or "compostable" as it degrades the quality of the finished compost.

If there is too much plastic contamination, the truckload of yard trimmings and food scraps might simply go to the landfill.

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