Restaurant patio

Pubs, clubs, restaurants, and café noise

Sometimes the music or entertainment from a club, pub, restaurant, or café is too loud and disturbs people in the area.

According to the Noise Control Bylaw, different sound levels (measured in decibels) are allowed under different conditions. For example:

  • If the interior sound level is greater than 90 decibels, the business must post a designated warning sign, in clear view, at the entrance.
  • If speakers are used, all components must be located within the building per the License Bylaw.

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Noise Control Bylaw

Regulates noise or sound within the City of Vancouver.

Have a noise concern?

You can tell the City about most noise issues online.

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Get help after hours

If the City helps with your noise issue (see the table at left) and today is a:

  • Weekday after 4:30pm
  • Weekend anytime
  • Holiday anytime

then contact the Vancouver Police Department at their non-emergency number. The Police assist with noise concerns, when resources are available.

Vancouver Police