Underground oil tank removal or abandonment permit

Unused oil tank being removed from a property.

A tank removal or abandonment permit allows you to remove or abandon an unneeded or out-of-service underground oil tank.

As a property owner, you are responsible for removing underground oil tanks that:

  • Are not required and
  • Have been out of service for at least two years

If an underground oil tank is not removed or decommissioned professionally, the tank may corrode and contaminate the surrounding soil and groundwater. Underground oil tanks can also hurt the value of your property.

Related bylaws

Bylaws regarding the removal of underground storage tanks can be found here.

Find out if there is a tank on your property

The City does not keep records of properties where oil tanks are installed. However, the City does record the following:

  • A permit or application to remove an unused tank
  • A permit or application to abandon an unused tank
  • A letter from a contractor that records that a tank was not found on the property

To investigate whether there is a tank on your property, please call 3-1-1.


Either you or your contractor can apply for a tank removal or abandonment permit.

Process and timeline

  1. Download and complete the permit application form that suits your goal.
  2. Bring the completed application to the Fire Prevention Office of Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services.
  3. A Fire Inspector will review and approve your application.
  4. Bring the approved application and your fee payment to the Trades Clerk Counter at the City of Vancouver. The permit may be issued immediately if you deliver your application in person.


Property type  Fee 
Residential  $300.00 
Commercial  $300.00 

Tax is not charged on tank removal or abandonment permits.

You pay for the permit when you bring it to the City of Vancouver Trades Clerk Counter for approval. You can pay by cash, cheque, debit, or credit card.

Ask. Tell. Connect.

Phone 3-1-1 to ask, tell, and connect with the City

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