How to deliver goods and services to the City – and receive prompt payment for invoices

As of June 1, we will no longer accept invoice submissions without a City employee name and email address on the invoice.

Follow our delivery and invoice requirements to ensure that we successfully receive your goods and services, and promptly pay your invoices.

If your delivery involves a negotiated contract, you may have additional requirements to meet. Refer to your contract for details.

Delivery requirements


Provide a packing slip or proof of delivery with every delivery of goods you make to City facilities and work sites.

This document must outline:

  • The goods delivered
  • Their quantities
  • The items that are on backorder (if applicable).

Before we accept your delivery, we verify the goods delivered with the packing slip.


Provide a service-completion document to the City department you deliver services to before you send your final invoice to Accounts Payable.

This document can be a pro-forma (draft) invoice or service ticket, for example. It must match the details of the final invoice, otherwise your payment may be delayed.

The City department uses this document to confirm your service is completed so that Accounts Payable can pay your invoice faster.

Invoice requirements

After delivering your goods or completing your services, send your final invoice directly to Accounts Payable at

Emailed invoices are processed faster. Learn the correct format for emailed invoices below.

 Avoid payment delays: Do not send or drop off your invoice to the City department.

What to show on your invoice

Include the following information on your invoice:

Vendor name  Name of the vendor that provides the goods or services
Invoice date Date that you issue your invoice to the City (on or after the date of shipment or service completion)
Purchase order number (PO#) Purchase order number given to the vendor at the time of ordering (10-digits long, starting with 43..., 45... or 47...)

No PO#? Contact the City department you worked with before issuing your invoice

Contact information Email address and name of the City employee that received your goods or services
Department name Name of City department that receives your goods or services
Subtotal (before taxes)  Dollar subtotal of the goods or services provided before taxes 
GST/HST  Separate line for GST/HST
PST  Separate line PST only
Total  Invoice total for all goods or services including applicable taxes 
GST/HST registration number If GST/HST registrant
PST registration number If PST registered with the Province of BC

For reference, download our invoice template (20 KB).

As of June 1, we will no longer accept invoice submissions without a City employee name and email address on the invoice. 

Email your invoice

To email your invoice:

  1. Save each invoice and any attachments as a single PDF file.
    • Only PDF files are accepted. All other file types are deleted.
    • Only one invoice per PDF file (including attachments).
    • Each PDF filename can be up to 50 characters (or fewer).
    • Each PDF file size needs to be under 5 megabytes (MB).
    • Have multiple invoices? Attach multiple PDF files to your email.
  2. Send your PDF invoice to
  3. Vendor enquiries or statements must be emailed to

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