Bids, contracts, RFPs, and purchase orders

Learn about bids, contracts, RFPs, and POs with the City of Vancouver.

Our bidding process aims to secure value for money for the citizens and taxpayers of Vancouver.

Our Supply Chain Management department applies best practices and strong financial controls, and ensures a transparent, fair, and competitive procurement process.

On this page:

  • Learn how our bid process works.
  • Review the list of open and closed (but unawarded) bidding opportunities.
  • Get your bid review-ready and read our bidding procedures.
  • Find information on awarded bids.
  • Read related financial reports.

How our bid process works

Learn about our bid process and its requirements in our Procurement Policy. We adhere to this policy and all applicable laws and regulations. The most referenced policy statements are:

  1. Goals of the policy
  2. Competitive bidding and when it is required
  3. Contract authority limits
  4. Sustainable and ethical procurement
    1. Living Wage
  5. Bid committee, chief purchasing official, and category manager authorities and responsibilities

Read the Procurement Policy PDF file (160 KB)

Review the list of bids

Get your bid review-ready

Read the City of Vancouver's bidding procedures and find the Supplier Code of Conduct and the City's Ethical Purchasing Policy. Learn more about the living wage requirements and read the City's terms and conditions for vendors.

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