Unverified tender results

These tender results are unverified and were posted prior to determining compliancy or completing any evaluation process. Each response is subject to a review and evaluation in accordance with the criteria stated in the competitive bid documents. Conclusions should not be drawn from this information about the final ranking of the tenders. 

After the closing time, we will:

  • Open the tenders
  • Post the company names and total or lump sum price for each tender that has been received up to the closing time

Posting results began in September 2016.

 The final price and ranking of the tenders may change due to the inclusion or exclusion of provisional items.


Solicitation # Description Document
PS20200110 North Victoria Drive sewer outfall structure upgrades Unverified tender amounts (78 KB)
PS20200148 Construction services for phase 4 north leachate, gas works, and legacy pipe Unverified tender amounts (69 KB)
PS20200041 Contractor for Charleson Park renewal Unverified tender amounts (74 KB)
PS20191496 Construction services for phase 4 closure and gas system upgrades - Vancouver Landfill Unverified tender amounts (69 KB)
PS20191569 BAS upgrade at 2120 Cambie St Unverified tender amounts (77 KB)
PS20191571 Brewers Park Renewal Unverified tender amounts (93 KB)