Prepare your bid


Preparing your bid is easier when you know the rules, policies and bidding procedures.

Find information about the City of Vancouver's bidding process, terms and conditions for vendors, and information about our Ethical Purchasing Policy, Supplier Code of Conduct, and living wage requirements.

Bidding procedures

Learn how to prepare a bid document and find the process used by the City to answer questions about bids, deliver bid results, de-brief vendors, and more.

Terms and conditions for vendors

Learn what your responsibilities are as a vendor to the City of Vancouver by reading the City of Vancouver's terms and conditions for vendors.

Ethical Purchasing Policy

Our Ethical Purchasing Policy ensures that all City suppliers meet the performance standards in our Supplier Code of Conduct. Read the policy and see where products we use are made.

Supplier Code of Conduct

The Supplier Code of Conduct sets the minimum performance standards for the City of Vancouver's Ethical Purchasing Policy.

Living wage

Learn about the living wage and what this means for vendors.

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Supply Chain Management
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