Collage of fieldhouse residencies

How fieldhouse residences work

The Vancouver Park Board's Fieldhouse Activation Program provides you or your group with space in a fieldhouse and access to parks to create activities that engage the community.

By repurposing underused space in fieldhouses into small community spaces, this program aims to:

  • Animate our neighbourhoods with place-based activities focused on one or more of our priority themes including arts, culture, sport, environment, and local food
  • Host programs in locations where people already gather
  • Provide space for user groups in exchange for community engaged activities

Some of our fieldhouses have specific mandates for programming based on the neighbourhood, space available, and needs of the adjacent community centre.

Who can apply?

  • An artist of any discipline, athlete, ecologist, gardener, cook, or a combination of these
  • A non-profit organization, cooperative, collective, local sports group, cultural group, that focuses on community-engaged arts, culture, sport, environment, or local food projects, or a combination of these

What's happeningCall for applications

The next call for applications will be available in the summer of 2021.

Check back for more details.

Roles and responsibilities

Prepare to apply

Visit fieldhouses, attend fieldhouse events, and chat with local artists about their fieldhouse experiences if you are interested in applying to this program.

Check out blogs of current fieldhouse residencies for examples of activations​​​​​​​