Claims involving a City licensed vehicle

For motor vehicle crashes or claims of property damage involving City licensed vehicle(s), contact ICBC. Visit their website  and their report a claim page for more information.

ICBC is the City’s auto liability insurer. All claims arising from the use and operation of City licensed vehicles on roads or highways are handled by ICBC, including fault investigations and liability decisions. Disputes are handled according to ICBC’s dispute resolution process.

Property damage during collection services

For property damage during collection of garbage, greens, or recycling, contact 3-1-1 to submit a report. 

If you have already reported to ICBC and they gave you an ICBC claim number, please share this with us.  

Your information to 3-1-1 will further assist City staff in identifying or confirming the licence plate number and operator of the alleged City vehicle. Staff would then have the information needed to report to ICBC for their further handling and investigation under the City’s auto liability insurance.