Eligibility requirements

The City of Vancouver is committed to identifying and addressing issues faced by all members of our diverse community and neighbourhoods. The City's many Advisory Committees offer valuable volunteer opportunities to help shape policies and practices responsive to Vancouver residents. We encourage a broad cross-section of applicants that reflect this rich diversity, including persons with disabilities and those of different ages, income levels, gender identities and backgrounds.


Residential requirements

Applicants must live or work in Vancouver, or have a significant body of experience with Vancouver issues.

  • To apply to the Vancouver Public Library Board, you must be a resident or elector of the City of Vancouver.
  • To apply to the Vancouver City Planning Commission, Vancouver Civic Theatres Board, or Vancouver Heritage Commission, you must be a Vancouver elector or Metro Vancouver resident for at least six months preceding your appointment.

Relevant experience or knowledge

Applicants must be able to demonstrate relevant experience or knowledge, abilities, and skills related to the mandate of the civic agency, board, or committee.


Nomination by a community group working on issues related to the civic agency, board, or committee's mandate will be considered an asset.

Ability to speak a second language will be regarded as an asset.

Some knowledge of civic services or jurisdiction will be regarded as an asset.

Time commitment

Applicants should be able to serve for the full term of the appointment.

Time requirements vary among the civic agencies, boards, and committees. Estimates of time demands are included in the description of each body. Please review these estimates to ensure that you have sufficient time to devote to the City.


Applicants may not be employees of the City of Vancouver.

  • Applicants to the Vancouver City Planning Commission may not be employees of the City of Vancouver nor of the Vancouver School Board.

Other criteria

Other application criteria which apply to individual agencies, boards, or committees are included in the descriptions.


Applicants may be self-nominated or nominated by organizations.

  • Applicants for design panel positions representing professional associations should be nominated by those associations.

Unless otherwise specified in the agency description, appointees serve in their private capacities and not as representatives of a nominating organization.


Individuals who are presently members of a civic agency, board, or committee and who have not served the maximum allowable number of terms in their agency (if such a limit exists) are eligible to reapply.


Successful candidates will serve without remuneration.

Resources for advisory committee members