Chinatown Historic Area Planning Committee

The committee works to preserve and protect the heritage and character of the historic Chinatown area. 

Terms of reference

The committee works to preserve and protect the heritage and character of the Chinatown area (zones HA-1 and HA-1A) by:

  • Advising the Director of Planning on matters relating to Chinatown
  • Working with all City departments to develop and implement policies and programs that affect Chinatown

Meeting frequency

Meetings are generally held on the second Thursday of each month, except August, at 5:30pm. Meetings take place in the Board Room of the Chinese Cultural Centre at 50 East Pender St, Vancouver.

Time commitment

Monthly meetings last about 3 hours each. Members may also serve on subcommittees which are formed from time to time. Preparation for all meetings is required.

Attendance requirement

Member may miss no more than four consecutive meetings without obtaining leave of absence from the committee. Membership will be terminated following the fourth such absence.


The committee consists of 13 members from the following groups:

  • Architectural Institute of British Columbia (two members)
  • Chinatown Merchants Association (two members)
  • Chinatown property owners (two members)
  • Chinese Cultural Centre (one member)
  • Chinese Benevolent Association (one member)
  • Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden Society (one member)
  • Heritage Vancouver (one member)
  • Planning Institute of British Columbia (one member)
  • SUCCESS (one member)
  • Member-at-large (one member)

Membership of the committee will be inclusive of low income residents.

Members are appointed by City Council for one-year and two-year terms. A newly-elected Council may reappoint members in a one-year term for one additional year. No member may serve more than four years.

Terms expiring December 31, 2020 (or until successors are appointed):

  • Albert Lam (Heritage Vancouver)
  • Andrew Larigakis (Architectural Institute of British Columbia)
  • Fang Liu (Architectural Institute of British Columbia)
  • Sarah Ling (Member-at-Large)
  • Edmund Ma (Chinatown Property Owner)
  • Inge Roecker (Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden Society)
  • Leslie Shieh (Planning Institute of British Columbia)
  • Eric Siu (Chinatown Property Owner)
  • Grace Wong (Chinatown Merchants Association)
  • Michael Yu  (Chinatown Merchants Association)
  • Vacant (Chinese Benevolent Association)
  • Vacant (Chinese Cultural Centre)
  • Vacant (SUCCESS)


  • City Council: Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung
  • Park Board: Commissioner John Coupar
  • Vancouver School Board: Trustee Allan Wong

Meetings, agendas, and minutes

Resources for advisory committee members

Chinatown's revitalization plan


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Contact the Chinatown Historic Area Planning Committee

Staff contacts
Amber Knowles
Heritage Planner

Phone: 604-829-9260