Transportation Advisory Committee

The mandate of the Transportation Advisory Committee is to advise City Council on strategic priorities relating to walking, cycling, public transit and all active transportation modes in Vancouver, as well as public transit and congestion management, in Vancouver.

Terms of reference 

Policy advice

The Committee:

  • Provides input to City Council and staff about issues of concern related to all modes of active transportation
  • Considers any matters which may be referred to the Policy Council by Council or staff
  • May take positions on policy initiatives from other levels of government within the mandate of the Policy Council; and
  • Advises Council and staff on Transportation 2040 and Active Transportation Master Plan as they are developed, implemented and updated 


The Committee:

  • Works co-operatively with other agencies whose activities affect constituent communities, including initiating and developing relevant projects; and
  • Acts as a resource for staff coordinating public involvement processes and civic events

Awareness and outreach

The Committee:

  • Exchanges information with the constituent communities and the general public about relevant programs and issues of interest;
  • Engages in outreach to disseminate information and encourage participation from constituent communities

Planning and reporting

The Committee:

  • Produces an annual work plan with specific objectives by no later than April of each year, in consultation with Council and staff liaisons, for distribution to Council and civic departments for
  • Submits an annual report to Council describing its accomplishments for the year, including reference to each objective set out in the work plan and any arising issues to which the Policy Council has responded; and
  • Presents accomplishments and progress to date at the annual Council of Councils event.

Meeting frequency

The Transportation Advisory Committee holds six regular meetings per year, in addition to regular working sessions, generally scheduled during intervening months throughout the year.

Time commitment

Meetings will last up to 2½ hours. A minimum of one to two additional hours a month is spent on email and other correspondence, meetings, networking, and promotion. Preparation time for all meetings is required.

Attendance requirement

A member who is absent from more than two consecutive formal meetings without a leave of absence is deemed to have resigned.


Volunteer opportunities will be posted on the City’s vacancies webpage when available. 


  • Staff: Paul Storer, Transportation Design

Terms and Membership Composition

Persons appointed to an advisory body shall meet the following essential criteria:

Not be employed by the City of Vancouver;
Live or work in Vancouver, or have a significant body of experience with issues in Vancouver; and
Be able to demonstrate relevant experience or knowledge, abilities and skills related to the mandate of the advisory body.

Persons appointed to the Racial and Ethno-Cultural Equity Advisory Committee shall meet the following additional criteria:

Be a member of visible or cultural minority groups.


15 members of the public (8 is quorum)
1 non-voting Council liaison
1 non-voting Park Board Commissioner liaison
1 non-voting School Trustee liaison
2 non-voting staff liaisons

The appointment of civic members to each advisory committee shall meet the composition objectives set out in the Diversity on Advisory Bodies policy.

Length of term:

Committee members are appointed until December 31, 2020.
No member of the public shall serve for more than four consecutive years on the same advisory body. A former member is eligible for reappointment after one year out of office.


Meetings, agendas, and minutes

All regular meetings are open to the public.

In addition to the regular meetings listed here, the Committee also meets several times per year for informal working sessions. Please contact the Meeting Coordinator for more information.

Meetings take place on Wednesdays at 5:30 pm at City Hall.

2016 in Review

An overview of the committee's 2016 accomplishments and future goals as presented at the Council of Council's on November 9, 2016.

2012-2014 Term in Review

An overview of the committee's closing term accomplishments and recommendations for continuation of the work was presented at the Council of Council's December 2014.

Resources for advisory committee members

People-powered transportation in Vancouver

Greenways for walking and cycling

We design and build safe, nature-rich paths that encourage you to explore Vancouver without using your car through the Greenways program.

Contact the Transportation Advisory Committee

Paul Storer
Manager, Transportation Design
Phone: 604-873-7693

Lori Isfeld
Meeting coordinator
Phone: 604-871-6355