People and community

People and community civic agencies

2SLGBTQ+ Advisory Committee

Supports Vancouver’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities.

Children, Youth and Families Advisory Committee

Advises Council and staff on matters that relate to children, youth, and families.

Older Persons and Elders Advisory Committee

Identifies barriers to, and solutions for, full participation in city life for seniors.

Persons with Disabilities Advisory Committee

Identifies barriers and solutions for full participation in city life for those with disabilities.

Racial and Ethno-Cultural Equity Advisory Committee

Supports diversity and inclusion alongside other agencies, the public, and multicultural groups.

Renters Advisory Committee

Advises Council on strategic City priorities relating to renters and on enhancing access and inclusion for renters in developing City policy and civic life. Monitors and responds to the impacts of provincial and federal legislation affecting tenants.

Urban Indigenous Peoples' Advisory Committee

Acts as a catalyst to developments for Indigenous Peoples in Vancouver, and advises and supports the City.

Vancouver Food Policy Council

Advises City Council and staff on improving food sustainability in Vancouver, including program and policy changes to improve the local food system.

VFRS Advisory Committee

Advises the Fire Chief on matters related to the development of policy, operations and future directions of the Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services (VFRS).

Women's Advisory Committee

Advises Council and staff on enhancing access and inclusion for women and girls to fully participate in City services and civic life.

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