Northeast False Creek Park Design Advisory Group (PDAG)

The NEFC Park Design Advisory Group (PDAG): 

  • Represents a range of community interests
  • Provides input on the design and programming of the new park and open space system in Northeast False Creek
  • Reaches out to individual networks to seek advice during the engagement and park design process

We expect the consultation program for the park and open space to take place in 2016 and 2017.

How we work

The role of the Park Design Advisory Group (PDAG) is to provide input on the design of the new park and open spaces in NEFC, in particular:

  1. To ensure a balanced approach to park users
  2. To provide feedback to the project team (Park Board staff, City staff, and consultant team) on the progress of community engagement
  3. To encourage the education and contribution of the public in the design of parks and open space

The PDAG provides feedback during the design and public consultation phases of the Northeast False Creek Park and Open Spaces Schematic Design project expected to start in 2016 and end in 2017.

The mandate of the PDAG will conclude when these phases are complete.


  • Regular meetings with Park Board staff, City staff, consultant team, and so on. Frequency of meetings will depend on need
  • Outreach to individual networks to seek advice or opinions during the park design process
  • Attendance at workshops and public events
  • Staying up-to-date on the Northeast False Creek Conceptual Plan, the Vancouver Park and Recreation Services Master Plan (expected to start in 2016) and other relevant planning initiatives in the area

Members responsibilities

  • Review material in advance of meetings to ensure meetings are focused and time-effective
  • Engage in positive and constructive discourse respectful of other members' perspectives
  • Provide individual and collective input on all new and emerging topics
  • Provide input on translation, graphic design, videography, and facilitation, to enrich the engagement process
  • Offer outreach avenues (such as newsletters and contact lists) and the potential for partnering on events
  • Contribute ideas for popular places and ideal dates to hold events that allow the Park Board to partner with existing events
  • Encourage people to take part in engagement opportunities

Read the complete terms of reference  (404 KB)

Note The City of Vancouver reserves the right to suspend or terminate its call for applications at any time without further explanation or notification; however, if the process is suspended or terminated the City will attempt to notify all applicants directly and will issue a public update.  The City assumes no legal duty or obligation to any applicant and does not owe any duty of care, fairness or impartiality in the selection process.  The City may accept or reject any or all applications without providing reasons.  Subject to the applicable provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (British Columbia) and other applicable legal requirements, the City will treat the information provided by each applicant in confidence.  Each applicant consents to the City contacting any references named by the applicant.

Who we are

The PDAG will include 10 to 12 local and citywide stakeholders, including members-at-large and individuals who represent a larger user group.

Advisory group members are selected through the Vancouver Park Board's public selection process. PDAG will be co-chaired by a Park Board staff member from the NEFC project team and an appointed member from the advisory group.

Membership is intended to reflect Vancouver's ethnic, age, and gender diversity and include (but not be limited to) representation from the following groups or interest areas:

  • Local residents in the False Creek Basin and adjacent areas and neighbourhoods
  • Children
  • Youth
  • Seniors
  • Sports and outdoor recreation, including skateboarding
  • Water recreation, including non-motorized boating
  • Community centres
  • Charities and non-profits
  • Public space design and large event and festival organizers
  • Active transportation and accessibility
  • Environmental design, with interest in waterfront sites
  • Arts and culture

Members are expected to have direct knowledge, experience, or expertise within their representational group or have an interest in the development of the parks, plazas, and open spaces in NEFC.

It's expected that members will attend the majority of meetings and will keep active correspondence with the group. Any members unable to participate will be replaced by other representatives of their organization, if applicable.

Current members

  • Michael Alexander 
  • Debra Barker
  • Deborah  Calrson
  • Spencer Hamilton
  • Maggie Ip
  • Wendee Lang
  • Patsy McMillan 
  • Amy Nugent 
  • Ann Phelps 
  • Paul Runnals 
  • Anne Thompson
  • Daniel Ward
  • Josh Robertson