VFRS Strategic Plan 2024 to 2026

Our strategic plan represents the goals and strategic initiatives for a department shifting from being reactive to being proactive.

Having been developed and reviewed by front-line staff from throughout VFRS, it identifies the priority problems that we face. It also outlines the solutions that our teams are confident VFRS can implement to overcome these problems.

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VFRS saves lives and builds safer communities


VFRS will be the international leader in fire, rescue, community risk reduction, and staff safety and wellness.


These values guide the activities and actions of the Vancouver Fire Rescue Services Branch. They define the characteristics and beliefs of our staff.

  • Teamwork: We display commitment and trust through collaborative communication and actions
  • Courage: We have the conviction to defend our values and willingness to challenge the process
  • Integrity: We demonstrate sound moral and ethical principles
  • Respect: We encourage opinions and ideas of self and others
  • Compassion: We demonstrate empathy for others, offer guidance and acknowledge strengths
  • Leadership: We inspire and empower others to achieve the best results
  • Excellence: We surpass expectations and set benchmarks above the standards to measurably be the best


The VFRS 2024 to 2026 Strategic Plan outlines the priorities, key challenges, strategies, and processes to guide VFRS toward becoming the safest fire service in the world.

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AC Anastasia Turner