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Adopt a pet in the City of Vancouver

Our views on adoption

Vancouver Animal Services runs a pro-adoption facility adopting out 200-300 dogs and small animals annually. Here are some things to consider before adopting.

Before you adopt

All animals need attention, interaction, and adequate exercise. Recognize the impact of bringing a pet into your home.


  • Prepare for a long-term emotional and financial commitment
  • Set aside time to interact with your pet
  • Consider household members' allergies and health conditions

Living situation

  • Check restrictions on pets at your home
  • Ensure you have adequate space
  • Consider your surrounding outdoor areas

Selecting your pet

  • Choose the right pet for your personality and circumstances
  • Research behaviours and characteristics of the pet you're considering

If you adopt a dog, you will also need to:

  • Licence your dog
  • Make sure it wears its collar and tag
  • Teach your dog basic obedience
  • Use a leash
  • Pick up after your pet


Pets we offer for adoption


We have dogs of all ages, from newborn litters to quite senior dogs. The puppies are very popular, but older dogs can be great pets too. They are smart and grateful companions and won't leave you with puppy puddles or chewed-up slippers. Why not enrich your life, as well as the life of an older dog?

Other animals

We also care for small animals including rabbits, hamsters, birds, rats, guinea pigs, and sometimes reptiles! If you want to adopt a cat, contact your local SPCA branch or the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA).

Adoption Process

Once you visit the shelter and decide which dog or small animal you are interested in adopting you may request a meet and greet, everyone living with the pet will be required to meet the pet to be sure it is a good fit for the entire family and to rule out any issues with allergies. Dogs may be taken on two  walks to allow the potential adopter to preview the leash manners and interaction with family members, any currently owned dogs would be required to meet as well.

Once everyone has met the pet you may request to fill out an Adoption Application. Successful applications are not on a first-come first-serve basis but rather the best fit for the animal. Applications may include questions on housing, lifestyle, previous pet ownership and household members. We may call references and landlords to be sure the pet you are choosing is the right fit. The application process may be lengthy depending on how many applications and the specifics of the animal as some pets may need to be spayed or neutered prior to being adopted.

View adoptable pets

The PetFinder website and City of Vancouver Facebook page list some of the pets that we have available right now. To view all the pets, visit the Animal Services Shelter in person at 1280 Raymur Ave.

Adoption fees for dogs

Category Fee
Regular $281.00
Senior (7 years old or older) $86.00
Medical (ongoing medical conditions) $86.00

Taxes are extra.

The adoption fee for dogs includes:

  • Neutering or spaying
  • Micro-chipping
  • Six weeks of pet insurance
  • The first set of vaccinations
  • The first vet check-up
  • A free bag of dog food

If you are a Vancouver resident, you must also buy a licence for the dog you adopt.

Adoption fees for other animals

Category Fee
Budgies and finches $10.00
Chinchillas, hedgehogs, and rabbits $31.00
Ferrets $58.00
Gerbils, hamsters, mice, and rats $5.00
Guinea pigs $16.00
Lovebirds and parakeets $16.00

Taxes are extra.

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