Bury materials at the landfill

Are you a small business or light industry disposing of the following types of garbage?

  • Items identified by government agencies, such as the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) or Agriculture Canada, including expired food, fish plant waste, and greenhouse mixed waste
  • Items that can cause problems with equipment operation, including fishing nets, ropes, non-recyclable tires, and mattress pocket coil cores
  • Items that cause litter problems, such as styrofoam
  • Items that attract birds or other animals
  • Dusty items
  • Odorous items

These items are considered nuisance waste, therefore approval is required. The Vancouver Landfill will assess such loads on a case-by-case basis because the items may need special handling or even burial.

 Approval may take up to 24 hours.

Not sure if your garbage is considered nuisance waste? Learn about waste that needs special handling

 The Vancouver South Transfer Station doesn't accept materials for burial.


If your load includes nuisance waste, you may be charged a burial fee in addition to the garbage disposal rate.

View the fees and rates

Save time: get pre-approved for disposing of nuisance waste

Does a government agency (CFIA or Agriculture Canada) require you to bury the waste? See the heading "Burials required by government agencies" below.

Before you arrive at the Landfill

  1. Complete Section 1 of the Waste Assessment Form
  2. E-mail the form and any supporting documents to landfilloperations@vancouver.ca or fax it to 604-606-2724
  3. Landfill staff contact you to discuss your disposal request.

Once your load is approved

Deliver the waste to the Landfill for burial. Bring your approved Waste Assessment Form.

Does the waste require burial by the manufacturer, or will it cause problems with Landfill equipment? Disposal hours for these items are 8am to 5pm daily, excluding holidays.

Burials required by government agencies
(CFIA or Agriculture Canada)

Before you arrive at the Landfill

  1. Download the Waste Assessment Form (132 KB)
    1. Complete Section 1.
    2. Circle "yes" to the question: "Is this material under destruction orders from a government agency?" on the Waste Assessment Form.
  2. At least two business days before your requested disposal date, e-mail the form and your destruction order to landfilloperations@vancouver.ca or fax it to 604-606-2724
  3. Landfill staff contact you to discuss your disposal request.

Once your load is approved

  1. If the CFIA requires an inspector to be present during burial, you are required to coordinate the disposal date with the inspector.
  2. Deliver the waste to the Landfill for burial. Government agency burials are accepted Monday to Friday, from 8am to 2pm. Bring your approved Waste Assessment Form.

Items we do not accept for burial

Know the regulations

Read the current BC Hazardous Waste Regulation:

Read the consolidated national Transportation of Dangerous Good Regulations on the Transport Canada website:

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