Prepare commercial asbestos waste for disposal

Before removing materials that may contain asbestos, you should take samples and get them tested at a laboratory. Then, you will know whether to take all of the recommended precautions needed to protect yourself from asbestos exposure during removal.

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Asbestos waste is considered "commercial" when it is delivered to the Landfill by someone other than a homeowner, such as an individual or company that receives compensation for its removal.

Asbestos drywall is not accepted as commercial asbestos waste. 

All other asbestos waste (excluding drywall) must be double bagged and labelled.

The minimum bag thickness is 0.15 mm or 6 mil. The maximum container size accepted for a single load of commercial asbestos is 30 cubic metres (40 cubic yards).

What's happeningAsbestos abatement licensing requirement

As of January 1, 2024, asbestos abatement contractors must be licensed to operate in British Columbia, and anyone performing asbestos abatement work must complete mandatory safety training and obtain certificates.

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Where is asbestos accepted from?

 The Vancouver Landfill only accepts asbestos waste from within Metro Vancouver.

All asbestos waste requires a hazardous waste movement manifest

All friable and non-friable loads will require a hazardous waste movement document or manifest.

Contact FrontCounter BC at 604-586-4400, or visit the BC Ministry Environment website for information on how to obtain a hazardous waste movement manifest.

Requirements for loads of friable asbestos heavier than 1,000 kg

Loads of friable asbestos heavier than 1,000 kg, also require:

  • A Cosigner Generator Identification number available from the BC Ministry of Environment by calling 604-582-5200
  • A placard showing that the vehicle transporting the asbestos contains hazardous waste

Drop off your asbestos at the landfill

Commercial asbestos drop-offs are accepted for a fee from Monday to Friday, 8am to 2pm, excluding holidays.

View the fees and location to dispose of commercial asbestos waste

Notify us 24 hours in advance

Let us know the day before you come to drop off your commercial asbestos waste. Otherwise, there may not be enough room in the dedicated trench for your asbestos burial and you may be turned away.

Email with the following information:

  • Date(s) of disposal
  • Vehicle licence plate number(s)
  • Size of vehicle
  • Number of loads
  • Contact name and phone number

Need to cancel your drop-off?

Please email or fax us before 11am on the day of your drop-off, or you may be subject to a surcharge.

All rates will be rounded up to the nearest dollar. Tax is not charged on fees and rates.

Residential asbestos waste

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Asbestos policy

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Find the landfill

Asbestos is accepted at the landfill, but not the transfer station.

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