Asbestos disposal policy

The Vancouver Landfill in Delta accepts asbestos waste for disposal from municipalities within Metro Vancouver. The Transfer Station does not accept asbestos waste of any kind.

Asbestos waste must be prepared according to the City of Vancouver's asbestos disposal policy.

What's happeningAsbestos abatement licensing requirement

As of January 1, 2024, asbestos abatement contractors must be licensed to operate in British Columbia, and anyone performing asbestos abatement work must complete mandatory safety training and obtain certificates.

Learn more about asbestos training, certification, and licensing

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibre that is strong and resistant to heat, fire, and chemicals. It is contained in more than 3,000 building materials made before 1990. It is a known carcinogen (cancer-causing agent).

In accordance with WorkSafeBC's Asbestos Occupational Health and Safety Regulation an "asbestos-containing material" is a material that contains asbestos fibres totalling 0.5% or more by weight at the time of manufacture, or at any time as determined by specialized laboratory analysis.

All asbestos-containing materials must be handled with care during disposal.

Potential sources of asbestos

Materials that may be a source of asbestos include heat and noise insulation, fire-resistant materials, and cements and plasters.

Products that may contain asbestos include:

  • Vermiculite insulation
  • Blown-in insulation
  • Acoustic ceiling tiles
  • Drywall tape/mud

If you want to dispose of blown-in insulation or acoustic ceiling tiles, you must have the original packaging that shows your materials do not contain asbestos, or have a certificate of analysis from an accredited laboratory from the past 30 days that show the material does not contain asbestos.

Used drywall from businesses and contractors is not accepted at the Landfill. 

Used drywall is accepted from residents that have removed the drywall from their homes and transported it to the Landfill. Limits apply.

Visit the drywall webpage for more details. 

Test for asbestos

If you suspect a product contains asbestos (especially if you have blown-in insulation or acoustic ceiling tiles), but do not have the original packaging, have the product tested at an accredited laboratory, and get a certficate of analysis.

Find an accredited laboratory at

  1. Select the tab "I am a business".
  2. In Option 2 "Search by service and material", choose "Asbestos testing" and your location.
  3. Click Search.

Why test for asbestos

Asbestos testing is relatively inexpensive and can save you money at the Landfill. If the laboratory finds that your material does not contain asbestos, you have proof that you can dispose of the material as garbage. The rate for garbage disposal is significantly cheaper than the rate for asbestos burial.

Certificate of analysis

Your certificate of analysis must be from an accredited laboratory, be from within the past 30 days, and include a minimum of the following information:

  • Contact information
  • Analyst name
  • Client name
  • Sample ID
  • Asbestos type
  • Asbestos amount
  • Analytical method

If the analysis shows that the product does not contain asbestos, prepare and dispose of it as garbage at the landfill within 30 days of the test. Bring the results with you to the landfill.

If the test shows that the product does contain asbestos, prepare it accordingly. Asbestos disposal fees will apply.

Fees and drop off hours

The preparations, fees, and times you can drop off asbestos vary depending on whether you are dropping off residential or commercial asbestos waste.

Residential asbestos waste

Find out how to prepare and dispose of residential asbestos waste at the Vancouver Landfill in Delta.

Commercial asbestos waste

Find out how to prepare and dispose of commercial asbestos waste. Used drywall from businesses and contractors is not accepted.

Find the landfill

Asbestos is accepted at the landfill, but not the transfer station.

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