Yard waste and clean wood waste composting

Bring excess yard waste and wood to the transfer station or landfill for composting for a fee. Check the location webpage for fees and maximum size.

We handle wood waste according to Metro Vancouver's 2015 Clean Wood Disposal Ban.

Learn about the Clean Wood Disposal Ban (327 KB)

Accepted yard waste and wood waste

  • Grass, leaves, and plant remains
  • Branches, roots balls and stumps
    • Up to 25 cm diameter and 2.6 m long
    • Anything more than 25cm in diameter is considered garbage and should be disposed of at the landfill
  • Clean, unfinished wood
    • Solid wood, wooden pallets
    • Unpainted, unstained, untreated, and free of glue
    • Can have nails, screws, and staples
    • Up to 45 cm diameter and 2.6 m long

The following items are not accepted:

  • Sod and soil
  • Food waste
  • Invasive species
  • Manufactured wood products
  • Plastic bags, even if labelled "biodegradable" or "compostable"
  • Brick, concrete, and rock

Vancouver South Transfer Station

Your destination for disposing of oversized items, yard and garden waste and clean wood.

Vancouver Landfill and Recycling Depot

A waste disposal facility and recycling depot all in one. Find out more about our landfill in Delta.