Miss Christie Lee, Vancouver Street Dance Festival 2017, Robson Square
Vancouver Street Dance Festival

Share your photos with us

Showcasing arts and cultural activities on our various communications platforms elevates the great work of artists and arts and cultural organizations for each other, the public, elected officials, and visitors in Vancouver. 

We're asking you to share photos of recent artworks and events within the past three years for:

  • Websites
  • Social media platforms
  • Various print or online publications
  • Presentations

Examples of photos we're looking for


  • Indigenous artists, artworks, and events
  • Diverse communities and disciplines
  • Video, film, and multimedia projects
  • Behind-the-scenes action
  • Crowd and audience shots

Public art

  • Artists at work
  • Artwork fabrication and installation
  • Interaction with artworks
  • Landscape or cityscape views featuring artworks

Spaces and infrastructure

  • Performance, rehearsal, and event spaces
  • Production spaces or studios
  • Outdoor spaces
  • Iconic spaces
  • Community spaces
  • Indigenous spaces

Grants and awards

  • Production workshops
  • Rehearsals and workshops
  • Education activities
  • Festival events and cultural celebrations
  • Book or magazine covers
  • Film screenings
  • Site-specific activity
  • Public interaction with artists and work

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