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Lunar Festival 2018

Leadership, collaborators, and partnerships

While developing the strategy, we will collaborate, co-host and work with the arts, culture, and creative communities to identify priorities to guide Vancouver’s future efforts and investments.  

City staff also participate in a separate cultural reference group with designated representatives from each of the local First Nations.

The committee meets monthly and their input helps inform public engagement and policy development.

Together, the intent is to offer a holistic view of Vancouver's cultural ecology.

Advisory committee members reflect diverse perspectives from arts, culture, and the creative sector. 


  • Am Johal, SFU Office of Community Engagement
  • Barbara Chirinos, Granville Island Cultural Society, Vancouver International Film Festival, Hogan's Alley
  • Brian McBay, 221A
  • Cecily Nicholson, Gallery Gachet
  • Claire Sakaki, Bard on the Beach
  • Dani Fecko, Fascinator Management 
  • Dory Nason, First Nations and Indigenous Studies, UBC
  • Ingrid Valou, Vancouver Economic Commission
  • Kate Armstrong, Emily Carr University of Art and Design
  • Lisa Ono, Granville Island 
  • Lori Janson, Tourism Vancouver
  • Mark Gifford, Kiwassa Neighbourhood House
  • Megan Lau, StoryHive, Telus, Future is You & Me
  • Michael Schroeder, Nimbus, Music Strategy
  • Norman Armour, consultant for the Australian Council for the Arts
  • Prem Gill, Creative BC
  • Sirish Rao, Indian Summer Festival 
  • Tarah Hogue, Indigenous Curator, Vancouer Art Gallery

Interdepartmental alignment

Indigenous Design Guidelines
Places of Worship Study

Cultural Services

Artist Studio Guidelines
Industrial Lands Study
Organizational Health and Capacity Survey
Vancouver Civic Theatres Business Review

We have collaborated with: 

  • PuSh Festival for the Launch event (January)
  • Lunar Festival for an English and Chinese audience survey (February)
  • Talking Stick Festival on hearing strategic recommendations at their industry series (February)

Host Your Own engagement events 

Part of the Creative City Strategy engagement process is to invite nonprofit arts and cultural organizations to hold or facilitate their own conversations on arts, culture and creativity. In April 2018, a call for expressions of interest was made for the Host Your Own engagement grant. With a total budget of $100,000, the one-time only grant will support organizations to convene, plan and host their own engagement activities between May to September 2018. All findings and insights will inform the strategy process.  

A subcommittee made up of the External Advisory Committee and City staff reviewed 100 applications. Ten organizations were shortlisted and asked to submit a full proposal. Priority was given to organizations and activities that engaged with underrepresented groups.

Organizations were selected based on their ability to deepen existing consultation on our early findings, broaden consultation with underrepresented groups, provide strategic recommendations and strengthen relationships across artistic & cultural communities. 

Grant Recommendations  
Chapel Sound Art Foundation (CURRENT) Engaging women; Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPoC) ; gender-nonconforming/nonbinary; and LGBTQ2+ intersectionality in electronic music and art around barriers and needs.
Chinese Canadian Historical Society of BC In partnership with Heritage BC and Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Garden. Engaging cultural and social groups in Chinatown (English and Cantonese) around better understanding of and support for culture.
Collingwood Neighbourhood House Engaging non-English speaking people, visible minorities and low-income earners and other residents of Renfrew-Collingwood neighbourhood in understanding barriers to participation in arts and culture.
The Frank Theatre  Engaging LGBTQ2+ with intersectional lens to understand challenges, concerns and commonalities facing local queer artists.
Hogan’s Alley Society Engaging Black communities and allies in how the City can support black culture and the preservation and creation of creative space for Black communities.
Kwi Awt Stelmexw Engaging practitioners, cultural keepers and artists, and knowledgeable elders from the Squamish People around developing interpretations of growing Squamish culture. 
Love Intersections Society Engaging artists from different disciplines, ages, cultural backgrounds, ability, gender, sexuality and Indigeneity to broaden conversations on Indigenous and diversity in arts.
Other Sights for Artist Projects Society In partnership with Carmen Papalia - engaging DTES communities, abilities and multiple-barriered artists and holding an intersectional dialogue about accessibility in Vancouver.
Savage Production Society Engaging creative Musqueam community members, Elders, knowledge keepers around equity and access, reconciliation for Musqueam peoples.
Vancouver Native Housing Society Engaging Indigenous and artists of colour, performers, producers, arts administrators, directors, instructors, curators, to identify barriers to equity and access experienced by Indigenous artists living in Vancouver.

For more details, view the cultural grant allocations Council report  (488 KB)

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