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Adanac fieldhouse surrounded by community activities

Fieldhouse Activation Program

Animate your neighbourhood: apply in 2018

Examples of current projects

Performance at Templeton Pool by Dance Troupe Practice, photo by Future Smuggler

Performance at Templeton Pool (Photo by Future Smuggler)

Dance Troupe Practice at Pandora Park Fieldhouse

This movement-based performance collective creates work that combines dance, voice, video, and installation.

They explore the connections between dance and everyday life in unexpected places by:

  • Committing to a deep exploration of the moving body and creative collaboration
  • Connecting community needs and interests to their own practices

Dance Troupe Practice External website

Artquake 2014 comics workshop instructor at Cloudscape Comics Collective

Artquake 2014 comics workshop (Photo by Cloudscape Comics Collective)

Cloudscape Comics Collective at Memorial South Park Fieldhouse

This diverse collective of 60+ members takes advantage of Kensington's cultural diversity to promote cultural cross-pollination with sharing stories.

They incorporate stories created in their workshops into the community comics library.

Cloudscape Comics Collective External website

Kitchen at Grandview-Woodlands Food Connection (photo by Jason Hsieh)

Kitchen at Grandview-Woodlands Food Connection (Photo by Jason Hsieh)

People ripping the flax at Trillium Park North by eartHand Gleaners Society (Photo by Rebecca Graham)

People ripping the flax at Trillium Park North by eartHand Gleaners Society (Photo by Rebecca Graham)

Current fieldhouse projects

Adanac fieldhouse surrounded by community activities

Fieldhouse programs in parks

Come explore activities at fieldhouses located in our parks. Find arts, sport, environmental, garden and local food, and social engagement programs.

The Bird Project at Queen Elizabeth Park Fieldhouse (2013 – 2016)

Artists Geneviève Raiche-Savoie and Jesse Garbe of The Bird Project produced socially-engaged art that raised awareness about issues concerning local and migratory birds as part of the City of Vancouver’s Bird Friendly Strategy.

Visit The Bird Project blog




Germaine Koh at Elm Park Fieldhouse (2012 – 2016)

Germaine Koh used the fieldhouse both as a studio and as the home base for the community-based project League.
League hosted weekly gatherings for people to come together to play sports and games they invented. It was problem-solving as play.

Visit Germaine Koh's blog



Mark Haney at Falaise Park Fieldhouse (2013 – 2015)Mark Haney's final piece "11" on November 11, 2014, at 11am, from the studio residency at Falaise park

Mark Haney, composer and double-bassist, used the fieldhouse for daily practice and rehearsal, and welcomed the public into his creative processes of both performing and creating.

Visit the Falaise Park Music blog 




Re-Invent Project at Moberly Park Fieldhouse (2013 – 2015)Melanie Schambach

The Re-Invent Project, with social artist and painter Melanie Schambach, explored participatory art processes with local community, businesses, and service providers to create new narratives of belonging, inclusion, and health.

Visit the Re-Invent Project blog 




The Art House in the Field Collective at Slocan Park Fieldhouse (2013 – 2015)The Art House in the Field Collective

The Art House in the Field Collective joined Renfrew-Collingwood-based arts groups to build community through cultural, artistic, and inclusive experiences.

Visit the Art House in the Field Collective's blog 





Urban Weaver Project at Maclean Park Fieldhouse (2012 – 2015)Urban Weaver Project

Eco-based community artist Sharon Kallis and Haida cedar weaver Todd DeVries explored with community the creative repurposing of invasive plant species as a substitute for traditional weaving materials that are difficult to harvest sustainably in the city.

Visit the Urban Weaver Project blog 




Something Collective at Moberly Park Fieldhouse (2012 – 2015)Something Collective

The Something Collective developed a community-mapping project, We Are Here, that interacted with the public using all the collective's artistic media.

These community maps drew out narratives from residents, asking what they value their neighbourhood and how they want it to grow and change.

Visit the Something Collective blog 




ten fifteen maple at Hadden Park FieldhouseTen Fifteen Maple

The collective of Rebecca Bayer, Justine A Chambers, Josh Hite, Billy Marchenski, and Kristen Roos collaborates with the community on works investigating psychogeographical relationships between local histories and forms of mapping through:

  • Sound
  • Collective recordings
  • Temporary installations
  • Performances
  • Screenings
  • Workshops
  • Conversations
  • Dinners

Visit the ten fifteen maple blog