Families gardening at Fifth and Pine pop-up park

Environmental Education and Stewardship Action Plan

Park stewardship is caring for and about parks.

In Vancouver, we are fortunate to experience nature in our parks, beaches, and backyards.

Our Environmental Education and Stewardship Action Plan (9 MB) aims to increase and enhance nature experiences for all Vancouverites and to improve understanding and awareness of nature in the city.

Parks offer a gateway to nature in the city. As a community, we can care for parks together and use these spaces to get closer to nature.

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What's happening

Park Stewardship Month

From September 21 to October 20, we're celebrating Park Stewardship Month. This is part of a city-wide effort led by the Vancouver Parks Board to highlight and support local park stewardship, help grow the urban forest canopy, and ultimately develop diverse and resilient ecosystems.

The weekend kick-off to the month will include:

During this month there will be a variety of stewardship events taking place across the city including:

  • Planting events
  • Ecological restoration projects
  • Festivals
  • Indigenous plant workshops
  • Educational nature walks

Check out the September stewardship newsletter for event details.

Students and classrooms in parks

Vancouver's parks are exceptional classrooms for students of all ages.

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